Christina Aguilera / Five – Caracas Pop Festival 2001

28095831Date: 20-January-2001.

City: Caracas, Venezuela.

Venue: Central University of Venezuela’s Olympic Stadium.

Set List:
01. Arabian Dance (Dance Introduction)
02. Genio Atrapado
03. Somebody’s Somebody
04. So Emotional
05. Falsas Esperanzas
06. When You Put Your Hands on Me
07. Por Siempre Tu
08. Contigo en la Distancia
09. Cuando No Es Contigo
10. Pero Me Acuerdo de Ti
11. Ven Conmigo (Solamente Tú)
12. What a Girl Wants


With this post, I’m beginning this blog. On that day, it was the first time that I went to a major concert of a famous artist, I was 14 years old.

I have very vague memories about this concert, I don’t even remember the set list of Christina’s show (I only know that she was promoting her debut album and the spanish one – Update: found the set list on-line). Anyway, I didn’t know which seats were closer to the stage, so I told my dad (who went with me) to buy the VIP ones, what I didn’t know was that the VIP meant comfortable seats but NOT close to the stage, yet, they were the most expensive tickets.

The concert was on the Olympic Stadium of the Central University, so my dad and I took the subway to get there. We stood for several hours in the line until we got our spot in the “VIP” section. The opening band was “Uff”, a Venezuelan pop band who failed to get admiration from the public, they were forced to leave the stage because the audience was booing them, haha!

Anyhow, the first to come was the British band “Five”, I remember that I only knew one song of them and that was it, I went for Christina. Finally she came on the stage, looking very tiny and blonde, haha, I had to buy binoculars to see her “good”. The show itself was simple, it was her and the dancers on stage performing her first hits like “Ven Conmigo”, “Falsas Esperanzas”, “Genio Atrapado”, etc. What I found cool was that she performed Spanish versions of her hits (with some English verses) and at some point she talked to the audience with her basic Spanish. Also, if I remember correctly, during her speech, she mentioned something about the release of her next single in L.A. (I guess it was “Falsas Esperanzas”).

When the show was over, we began to make our way back home and while walking to the subway, I bought a pretty glossy picture of Christina from an illegal seller in the street, haha! I have to find it now that I think about it. Overall, everyone were excited and I had a great time during the show; and now that I think about it, it was good that we had “VIP” seated seats, for my age at the time I wouldn’t have survived the General Admission Pit section.

Here’s the YouTube link for the “Genio Atrapado” performance (begins around 2:10):


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