Smash Mouth / Black Eyed Peas – Caracas Pop Festival 2005

Date: 20-November-2005.

City: Caracas, Venezuela.

Venue: Central University of Venezuela’s Football Stadium.


I bought the ticket for this concert to see the Black Eyed Peas, whom I like a little bit, but mainly was because many of my friends were going so what the hell.

On that day, the point of encounter was Luis’ house (friend from high school), me and 2 friends more gather there, then we got on his dad’s car and picked up two more friends. The concert was at the Soccer Stadium of the Central University. They left us there and we began to walk to the entrance, we were 6 in total. Once we got it, we got our spot that was about 50 meters from the stage, not bad.

Smash Mouth began to play, and my friend Andrés and I moved closer to the stage, where we received many hits and pushes xD. I really don’t know who that band was except for one song which I think was a soundtrack of some movie haha!

The Black Eyed Peas came out, everyone was excited and screaming. There were huge B-E-P letters hanged in the stage; I think they began with “Hey Mama”. At the middle of the show, a BIG THUNDER STORM began! It was raining so strong that I felt I was in the Amazons or something, my glasses were wet all the time and I had to clean them up every 2 minutes, hahaha. But despite the rain, the BEPs kept on singing and dancing, nothing stopped them! It was incredible, Fergie beautiful as always.

There was a moment, near the end of the show, when they began to sing excerpts of many famous songs, they sang Shakira, No Doubt, etc. At first it was very cool, but they extended that moment for a long time! I don’t know if it’s me but I felt that they spent an entire hour doing that. I was already so TIRED that I just wanted them to finish so I could go home, and with that flood (it wasn’t rain anymore, it was a big Flood!) I wanted to get home even more!

So finally the concert was over, they closed with the song “Let’s Get It Started”. Andrés and I met with the rest of our friends, Luis’ dad picked us again and went back to his house to chill down a bit.

Pictures from the concert:



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