Anastacia – Heavy Rotation Tour 2009

Heavy_Rotation_Poster_TourDate: 20-July-2009.

City: Madrid, Spain.

Venue: Puerta del Sol.

Set List:

01. One Day in Your Life
02. I Can Feel You
03. Wishing Well
04. Same Song
05. I Thought I Told You That
06. You’ll Never Be Alone
07. Defeated
08. Cowboys & Kisses
09. Why’d You Lie to Me
10. In Your Eyes
11. You’ll Be Fine
12. Paid My Dues
13. Pieces of a Dream
14. Sick and Tired
15. I Belong to You (Il Ritmo Della Passione)
16. Not That Kind
17. Beautiful Messed Up World
18. Heavy Rotation
19. I’m Outta Love
20. Left Outside Alone


I traveled to Spain on July 18th (arrived on the 19th, my birthday) to see Madonna, but I found out that Anastacia was performing too on July 20th! So of course I wanted to go, I asked my friend Susana (who lives there) to buy the ticket for me and she did.

It’s just so happens, that my friend from Caracas, Alejandro was in Madrid too and he was going to Anastacia as well. So we both met at the “Lago” Subway station and walked to the venue. I was amazed that in Spain the security was very chilled compared to Venezuela… They don’t have metal detectors or security guards putting their hand inside your pants, haha!

We walked to the venue very calmed down, around 8 pm and bought some drinks. Yes, the venue was small and it had numbered seats, that’s why our chillness. I bought a tour book and a poster. There was a spanish opening band that we really don’t know what they were playing since we were outside talking. I finally go to look for my seat, and wow! I was in the 3rd row, VERY near to the stage (like 5 meters).

The lights went off, and the video screen went on displaying Anastacia’s pictures. She finally comes up singing “One Day in Your Life”, very beautiful and with a BIG voice that characterizes her. During the uptempo songs, everyone were standing; but in the interludes or slow songs, everyone sat down. I did sit down for a couple of songs but nothing more!

The concert was simple but yet, very very good! with dancers, video screens, wet showers, etc. Haha! During her song “Pieces of a Dream” she approached to our area and began singing to us. Earlier, she did the same and I threw her a kiss with my hand, well, Now she did the same! I felt lucky 😀 [You can see that in the minute 4:05 of the 2nd part of the video].

Ah, and also there was an “interlude” time where Anastacia picks up a fan and dances with him on the stage. Well, she picked up a guy (who didn’t wear shoes) and began to talk to him and sign a tour book. The guy didn’t speak English at all! and told her (don’t know how he did it) to sign the tour book for a friend! It was a very embarrassing moment! Poor Anastacia, she should’ve picked me!

She ended with Left Outside Alone, the Jason Nevins Remix which drove me insane! XD! On our way out of the venue, there were Anastacia’s dancers being interviewed but we didn’t stay, it wasn’t Anastacia herself!

Part I:

Part II:


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