Kylie Minogue – X2008

KylieX2008_-_promotional_posterDate: 04-November-2008.

City: Caracas, Venezuela.

Venue: Caracas’ Polyhedron Arena.

Set List:

01. Speakerphone
02. Boombox/Can’t Get You Out of my Head
03. Ruffle My Feathers
04. In Your Eyes
05. Heart Beat Rock
06. Wow
07. Shocked
08. Loveboat
09. Copacabana
10. Spinning Around
11. Like a Drug
12. Slow
13. 2 Hearts
14. Flower
15. I Believe in You
16. On A Night Like This
17. Your Disco Needs You
18. Kids
19. Step Back In Time
20. In My Arms
21. Somewhere / All I See
22. Better the Devil You Know
23. Love At First Sight
24. I Should Be So Lucky


Some of my friends got crazy when the Australian singer Kylie Minogue announced that she was touring South America and included Venezuela in her show, it didn’t do much for me. Weeks earlier, my friend Carlos asked me if I was going and I replied: “I don’t know, how much are they?” and he told me that the general was 200 Bs.F. (very cheap). So at the end, I kinda liked her and for that price, I agreed to go.

My friend Jocelyn wanted to go too, so we all bought the tickets at the same day. I had to download “Ultimate Kylie” (a GH compilation) to get to know her other songs before the concert, I only had the Fever album and recently bought the X.

The day came, Carlos and two friends were already in the line since 2 pm waiting for us. Jocelyn and I met at the “Sabana Grande” subway station and headed all the way to “La Rinconada” station which was like an hour in train, we felt like we were going to Patagonia or something! Plus it was the first time we took the subway to go there, so we were all lost and an old man had to guide us, haha!

Finally we arrived at 5 pm and met with Carlos, his cousin and Josmar. We stood there for like 3 hours and in the meantime, we were talking nonsense and suddenly a girl approached to us asking to sign a petition to bring Britney Spears to Venezuela, we signed it without any doubt!!! Then, Victor, a friend of mine appears and greets me; he was with 3 friends and asked if they could get in line with us, I said I didn’t know because we weren’t the ones who began doing the line! So a major drama between Carlos and Victor was beginning, and Victor went back to do his line.

Anyways, when finally the doors were open, Jocelyn told us to grab the seats of the Section 6 (Left entrance) because it gave the best view of the stage. We got in, and reserved the whole line: for us and Jocelyn for Victor and his friends. The show was supposed to have an opening band, in this case it was rumored that some girl named “Sexcilla” would open, but at the end, she never appeared.

Minute before the show started, the people sitting in the seats below us stood up and left, and Jocelyn, Victor and his friends, in a matter of seconds took those lower seats, leaving me, Carlos, his cousin Ricardo and Josmar in our regular seats.

The concert: The Speakerphone intro was ASTONISHING! The sound was amazing and the video screen was to die for! Kylie appeared behind big speakers and began her show (she didn’t fly here like in the european shows). Everyone were screaming when she sang “Can’t Get You Out of my Head”. The second act, the “Cheer Squad”, Kylie dressed up in pink (not in blue like in the DVD) and performed 3 songs, which some friends told me that the “Shocked” version was different, I don’t know.

The 3rd act was the “latin-beach” part, and when Kylie sang “Copacabana”, no one was singing, only Carlos and Josmar xD! After that, a hypnotizing music began until I realized it was the intro for “Like a Drug”! When the song began, I was in a trance, I love that song very much, but the performance was way different from the DVD and European shows, she didn’t bring the skull nor flew on the stage. She was dancing upon wood door frames or at least that’s what it looked like, hahahaha!

Ok, so she also cut the whole Manga-Japanese segment where she was supposed to perform: “Come Into My World (Fischerspooner remix)”, “Nu-di-ty” and “Sensitized”; and skipped straight to the ballad section. There, everyone sat and personally, I took a time off to light a cigarette. The next act was “Black vs. White” and when Kylie appeared singing “On A Night Like This”, I said: -Oh my god, this dress is identical to the one that Madonna used in her VMA 2003 performance- haha.

Minutes before beginning to sing “Kids”, she began to do a little strip-tease with her clothes and the whole audience was screaming: “¡Qué se lo quite!” which means: “Take it off!” and Kylie laughing answered with her british accent: “I beg your pardon?”, it was kinda embarrassing for us, since that sentence is used by not-so-cultured people; also in that song, someone was waving the Venezuelan flag and she took it and danced with it! So, when she sang “In My Arms”, Nicole Kidman featured in the backdrop screens! -oh wait, no, it was indeed Kylie- xD, then she said goodbye and thank you and all that, which was a lie.

She proceeded to the Encore section, when she sang a song named “Somewhere” which is part of the musical “West Side Story” (thank you WikiPedia) and suddenly, the beat went mad with “Better the Devil You Know”. She performed her last song “Love at First Sight” and confetti’s were thrown from the roof, but only for the VIP section. So the show was over, the band went off and everyone screamed: MORE! MORE! 10 minutes later, Kylie appeared again and asked if we wanted one more song, OF COURSE WE WANTED! At the back everyone was screaming “The One” but instead, she sang her first hit: “I Should Be So Lucky”.

The show was officially over and river of people were getting out of the Poliedro. Jocelyn and I bought a shirt (bootleg of course) and said goodbye to Carlos. Then we met with Victor who was waiting for his friend Dave to show up. Moment later, he finally came and was all excited because HE GOT TO MEET KYLIE! Yeah, he met her before the show in the backstage and he says she was very lovely and talked a little bit, took a picture and she signed a photo for him. And of course, he got the chance because he is the vice-president of the Official Fan Club in Venezuela 😛

Anyway, we got back to our homes. We arrived about 2 am.

YouTube link for the “Speakerphone” intro:


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