Madonna – Sticky & Sweet Tour 2009 (Round II)

Madonna_Sticky_and_Sweet_Tour_poster_article_story_mainDate: 23-July-2009.

City: Madrid, Spain.

Venue: Vicente Calderón Stadium.

Set List:

01. Intro: The Sweet Machine
02. Candy Shop
03. Beat Goes On
04. Human Nature
05. Vogue
06. Die Another Day (Interlude)
07. Into the Groove
08. Holiday
09. Dress You Up
10. She’s Not Me
11. Music
12. Here Comes the Rain (Interlude)
13. Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You
14. Spanish Lesson
15. Miles Away
16. La Isla Bonita
17. Doli Doli
18. You Must Love Me
19. Get Stupid (Interlude)
20. 4 Minutes
21. Like a Prayer
22. Frozen
23. Ray of Light
24. Give It 2 Me


At last! Finally I managed to see Madonna! After 3 unsuccessful tries. Here’s my background with Madonna’s concerts: In 2001, I traveled to Miami and the same week Madonna was performing but I didn’t know and I returned to Caracas the day before her concert; In 2004, I was going to travel with my dad to Los Angeles because of his work and I would take advantage of that and go to her first show of the “Re-Invention Tour” but… My dad’s trip was cancelled!; In 2006, I was so close to go to the Confessions Tour! Again, my dad’s work this time was in Montreal, Canada, and I wanted to go with him but he said no and he went on the same week that Madonna’s concert. Then, when I was sure to go, the day before buying the special package that a travel agency offered to go to Miami and see her, I realized that MY AMERICAN VISA EXPIRED! No comments… And in 2008, I was going to travel to Buenos Aires to see her but with the rumours that Madonna would come to Caracas, Venezuela, I didn’t make any plans and well, she didn’t come!

So finally in 2009, I bought the tickets to Madrid on March 4th (for me and my friend Susana, I was going to stay at her place). After getting in a little fight with my dad about the trip and the money, I finally bought the plane ticket: from July 18th to August 4th. I couldn’t believe that I was finally going to see Madonna!

So it was my birthday and I have just arrived in the Barajas Airport in Madrid. My friend Susana and her boyfriend picked me and went to her house. I got a big cold the first week and I was worried about going to Madonna feeling bad, but thank god I was kind of OK by thursday. I told Susana to go very early and do the line to get it but she couldn’t because of her work and I eventually dismissed that idea too because of my cold.

We met up in a subway station and headed to the stadium. While we were approaching, I still couldn’t believe that Madonna was going to be there. Once we got there, we see THOUSANDS of people doing the line, so many that we never found where the line ended. So Sooz and I went to the official Merchandising store, bought shirts and tour books and sat in the floor eating sandwiches and waiting for the door openings.

Finally the people were getting in and there wasn’t many people outside and we decided to get in. Once we were inside, I see the enormous Madonna stage, my eyes didn’t believe it. We approached to the railings and stood there, thinking this is our area, thank god I looked behind me and saw security people checking tickets and letting people in to the area that was around the stage, our tickets WERE THE GOLDEN CIRCLE ones!

Here we were, 10 meters away from the stage with many people around. Susana and I sat down and talked, I bought a beer and finally at 9 pm, the DJ Paul Oakenfold came up to spin his music with Madonna’s boyfriend Jesus Luz dancing around xD 10 pm, and the sun finally went down. Suddenly all the stadium lights went off and noise was coming out from the Bass. People’s screams were unbelievable.

The Sweet Machine intro was on, the screens began to move and open and… C-A-N-D-Y! One screen turned and there she was: Madonna sitting in a chair in a shape of the “M” letter! She was singing Candy Shop and I almost fainted when she sang: “My sugar is raw” because it’s a joke that me and my friends have all the time!

My excitement was so big, that everything happened SO FAST! In a blink of an eye, Madonna was already singing La Isla Bonita! 😦 When she finished singing 4 Minutes with Justin¡’s screens, I had to turn off my camera because “Like a Prayer” Techno-Remix was about to begin, my favorite song/version of the tour!

“Give It 2 Me” was on, and everyone were jumping, myself included! At the end of the song, when Madonna hands the microphone to the audience, she got off the stage and walked in front of the fans. The whole crowd squeezed from 10 meteres to 3! I was 3 meters near Madonna! But I wasn’t clever enough to slide between the people during the show to get in front of the railing.

The concert was finally over and I was in shock! One thing that is surprisingly strange: Madonna finishes and right immediately the technicians come over to dismantle the whole stage! Susana and I sat down outside the stadium for a bit, to get through our excitement. Our way back home was funny, we were walking towards the subway and while we were talking we forgot the way to the subway and ended somewhere else. We had to go back and take another train that left us far from home. We finally get home at 2:30 in the morning!

THIS WAS A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE! Simply amazing… And Madonna does look BETTER in person than in pictures 😉

Part I:

Part II:


One thought on “Madonna – Sticky & Sweet Tour 2009 (Round II)”

  1. Your experience sounds really amazing, i’d surely like to see her anytime 😦
    Let’s see, maybe in the next tour… it’s gonna happen, right? I hope so… and would be really nice to share it with u 🙂

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