Date: 30-July-2009.

City: Madrid, Spain.


So, while I was in Spain, after the 1st week full of concerts, I took the second week to get to know better the country’s capital. Surprisingly, I found out that a Venezuelan group was playing at a bar on Thursday night. The group was “Gaélica”, a band that plays celtic-irish music!

The first time I heard about them was at the premiere of an improv performance in Caracas. I instantly loved their music, very impressive. So I went that night with my friend Susana and her roomie Patricia. We got there very early so we began to drink and talk.

So it was about 10 pm, they opened the “stage” section of the bar and we had to pay 10 euros to get it. We did, and we were the first ones to get there. So finally the section was crowded and the instruments were on stage. But before Gaélica played, a girl began to perform, she was premiering her debut CD. She was Nana Cadavieco and her album was called “Exposé”, the songs were very great! It was rock but with a weird ambient feeling that was so cool!

Finally, Gaélica began to play and everyone went wild! Dancing, jumping, drinking (no singing obviously), etc. They play like for an hour and a half, I don’t know… At the end of the show, sadly my friend Patricia, while jumping, put her foot against a broken glass on the floor and got cut, but nothing serious!

It was a great concert! Those guys are brilliant!!! Finally a Venezuelan talent that is not into the mainstream Reggaeton or shit like that! Hahaha! Oh and I bought their latest CD “I/O” and Nana’s too at the bar.


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