Madonna – Sticky & Sweet Tour 2009 (Round II)

stickyandsweet_tour_poster1newsDate: 25-July-2009.

City: Zaragoza, Spain.

Venue: Recinto de la Feria.

Set List:

01. Intro: The Sweet Machine
02. Candy Shop
03. Beat Goes On
04. Human Nature
05. Vogue
06. Die Another Day (Interlude)
07. Into the Groove
08. Holiday
09. Dress You Up
10. She’s Not Me
11. Music
12. Here Comes the Rain (Interlude)
13. Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You
14. Spanish Lesson
15. Miles Away
16. La Isla Bonita
17. Doli Doli
18. You Must Love Me
19. Get Stupid (Interlude)
20. 4 Minutes
21. Like a Prayer
22. Frozen
23. Ray of Light
24. Give It 2 Me


I wasn’t planning going there, I saw for Madonna for the very first time in Madrid and I thought that was it. But I wanted to go again because I barely could remember how was the show (the excitement and all that), So on friday night, I said: what the hell, let’s go, it’s a once in a lifetime.

Saturday July, 25th: I woke up at 9 am and went to the Corte Ingles (a major market store) and bought the Front stage ticket (had to pay in cash because my credit card was declined). Then I took the bus and the subway to go to the inter-regional bus station, the soonest departure was at 2 pm and I asked the return for 2.45 in the morning but the lady didn’t understand that and kept asking if I wanted to get back on Monday morning… but I finally got my quarter to 3 ticket.

I arrived at 6.30 pm in Zaragoza (4 hours away from Madrid). I wanted to go first to the historic part of the city but I was told it was too far and I didn’t have time anyways. I asked in information and there were special buses near there that take people to the venue (Muestra de Ferias de Zaragoza). When I got there, the line was HUGE! then I had to pay 6 euros in order to use it.

The interesting part of the story comes after the show… The show itself was fabulous, I’d say better than Madrid’s, although the crowd was kind of boring. Oh, the BASS was VERY LOUD; almost distorted 😦 During Ray of Light, she said: I won’t sing if you don’t jump… Everybody began to jump, me included (I almost hit a lady behind me xD) and suddenly Madonna stopped singing and said: I SAID THAT IF YOU DON’T JUMP I WON’T SING! hahahaha.

When the show was over, I needed to get out of there as soon as possible because I had to get back to the bus station. Outside the venue, there was a KILO-METRIC line for the special buses… I said to myself: I still have almost 3 hours to get to the station. It was 2.35 am when I finally got onto the bus! :S!

When we arrived, I ask the lady driver how far was I from the station and she told me like 10 minutes, but she saw my worried face and said: Ok, let’s do this: wait until everyone gets out and I’ll take you to the bus, I WAS SO LUCKY! So she dropped my in a red light semaphore. It was 2.45 am already!!! I ran as fast as I could and when I get there… I saw a bus which was going to Madrid, I thought the bus had a delay… no. That bus’ departure was 3 am, I HAVE MISSED MY BUS.

I had only 25 euros in my pocket. I went to the ticket sales window, the old guy told me: sorry but you have to buy a new ticket, there is one for 5.30 am and another for 4.30 am but it’s more expensive. I took the 4.30 one and it was 22 euros! I had only 3 euros left!!!

With a big hunger (I only ate a sandwich in the whole day), the cellphone was out of battery (couldn’t notify my friend in Madrid), no cigarettes left and no money, I was about to have a crisis but at least I had a way to get home. There was a dispenser machine of sandwiches which cost 2.40 eur, happily I inserted the 3 coins of 1 euro, what was all I had but the machine was broken. Thank god I didn’t spend them because I realized I didn’t have the subway ticket nor the bus ticket to go home!!!

Anyway, I got onto the bus and I received a paper that was a FREE BONUS for a sandwich and a drink in the technical stop in the middle of the way to Madrid!! I was so happy xD hahahaha! And to finish my story, in the stop I got a sandwich and a coke and when I went to pay at the cashier they told me: SORRY BUT THIS BONUS doesn’t apply to what you’re buying… I had to return them and got a crappy hard piece of bread and a small juice xD but at least it was something!!

And that was it, I got to Madrid at 8.30 am and slept until 6 in the afternoon xD!!! After all, THAT’S WHAT A MADONNA FAN HAVE TO DO!


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