Pedro Eustache

Madrid 007Date: 03-August-2009.

City: Madrid, Spain.

Venue: “Clamores Jazz” Bar.


Just hours before going to his concert, I had absolutely no idea who he was. But Patricia’s mom told me all about him: He is a Venezuelan musician who lives in L.A. for a long time and he did the instruments and recordings for movies soundtracks like “Harry Potter”, “Passion of the Christ”, among others. So the guy HAD TO BE A GENIUS!

Susana, Patricia and her mom Mary, Carlos (a member of Gaélica) and me met at the “Plaza del Sol” and went to the Clamores bar. We arrived early because there were a limited number of seats inside, but the bar was SO closed! xD Finally the bar opened, and we went downstairs and it was very crowed and we sat in the middle of the bar and had a few drinks; for our surprise… SMOKING WAS NOT ALLOWED!!! In a bar?! c’mon! hahaa.

Pedro came up with his band and everyone cheered him. He talked more than the played but what HE PLAYED was SIMPLY GENIUS! I got in a trance when he played a piece from “Passion of the Christ” with a special flaute called the “Duduk” which is a Filipino instrument (I guess, I’m not sure) but wait! It wasn’t a normal Duduk, it was A CUSTOM MADE DUDUK! With 12 holes in it, instead of 9. He told us that he took 10 years to create his personal instrument!

After the show, there was a meet & greet with him. Patricia’s mom bought his CD’s and ran towards the room where Pedro was. After half of hour, she finally got her CD signed and she was extremely happy! But of course, this guy is a MASTER GENIUS! It was a lovely evening and a great way to close my trip to Spain, the next day I had to fly back to Caracas, whyyy!!! 😦

Here some pictures of the evening:


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