Sarah Brightman – In Concert 2009

Sarah Brightman In Concert1Date: 14-October-2009.

City: Caracas, Venezuela.

Venue: Teresa Carreño Theater.

Set List:

01. Fleurs Du Mal
02. Symphony
03. It’s a Beautiful Day
04. Forbidden Colours (Instrumental Interlude)
05. What a Wonderful World
06. Dust in the Wind
07. Who Wants to Live Forever
08. Hijo de la Luna
09. La Luna
10. Sarahbande (Instrumental Interlude)
11. Anytime, Anywhere
12. Nella Fantasia
13. Canto Della Terra [with Erkan Aki]
14. Sarai Qui [with Erkan Aki]
15. Nessun Dorma

INTERMISSION (20 minutes)

16. Harem
17. Stranger in Paradise
18. La Lune (Interlude)
19. Scarborough Fair
20. He Doesn’t See Me
21. A Whiter Shade of Pale
22. Pasión [with Fernando Lima]
23. Ave Maria [with Fernando Lima]
24. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
25. The Phantom of the Opera [with Erkan Aki]
26. Time to Say Goodbye
27. Deliver Me
28. A Question of Honour


It was beginning of August and I just got back from Spain and seeing Madonna, that means I was totally out of money! Zero! Nothing! So, I was surfing the internet and suddenly I got an e-mail from the Sarah Brightman’s official website, I thought it was another mail with the news updates. When I opened it, it was the announcement of a tour and I thought: finally they announced the European Symphony Tour, but no! As I was scrolling down… it was the Latin American tour! I got shocked, I just couldn’t believe it and I continued reading normally, because usually the South-American tours are just Brazil, Chile and Argentina.

Finally I see the tour dates… MY HEART STOPPED! And I got all white… CARACAS WAS INCLUDED ON THE TOUR! I began to jump and screaming like crazy, so loud that my mom heard me from the other site of the house xD After an hour or so of excitement, I saw the date for the tickets sale: August 11th, which was in 3 days! And  began to think: Damn, where do I get the money???

Luckily, my dad offered me to pay my credit card which took me by surprise and I was a bit of relieved. I began to call the theater asking about the prices for Sarah, they didn’t know anything! It was the 11th already and no news! On the 19th, a friend calls me: Hey! Sarah’s tickets are already for sale! I’m on my way to get them! I asked him how much they were and it was a big shocker: The cheapest was priced in 980 Bs.F. (around 455 US$) which was the furthest away in the lateral balcony, and the most expensive was 3.000 Bs.F. (around 1390 US$) which was front stage but obviously I didn’t have that much money.

Anyhow, I decided not to get bitter about not going front stage, the important thing was TO SEE AND HEAR Sarah! the angel of music. I was at the box office at 7 am, to be one of the first to buy the ticket. At 9 am they opened and I bought the very first row of the 455$ section. When I got home, I put my ticket inside of a book in a safe place haha!

Days later, I got another e-mail from Sarah’s staff. They were offering BACKSTAGE PASSES TO MEET SARAH! In ALL latin american cities! Another big money crisis xD But I’ll tell about it later. Everyone were posting about the Venezuelan show in the Official Fan Forum and there I got to meet Maru, a Venezuelan girl who lives in Spain and was coming all the way here to see Sarah. The day before the show, we made a Fan meeting in a restaurant to get to know each other and to talk about our expectations about the concert, came about 12 people and we had a VERY GREAT TIME!

October 14th, the wait was finally over! I got into the theater around 5:30 pm and met with other Sarah fans from last night. We were all excited with our backstage passes. It was 8 pm and the doors of the Rios Reyna Hall opened. I got it and found my seat, it was nearer than I thought. The lights went off and everybody began to applaud and scream. The “Gothica” intro began to play along with big lights that projected shape on the stage, like a flower or something…

Everybody had their camera on except me, I didn’t bring my camera because I was scared of the security since it’s not an arena or a stadium but a theatre. And thank god, because later the security guards WERE TOUGH with people who had cameras! My friend Jhon begged me to call him when Sarah would sing “Fleurs Du Mal” which was the first song, so I called him and left my cellphone on the concrete railing.

Sarah came on stage! Looking totally beautiful with her famous “Symphony” red dress! While singing “Fleurs Du Mal” she began to waive her dress so hard and with such an emotion that wow. Then, she greeted the audience totally in Spanish! I think she said the same words in Mexico but it was something like: “I’m happy to be here in Caracas and this show is a celebration of all my songs and hope you enjoy it, the next song is from my album Symphony”. I cried a little bit at the end of “Symphony”, don’t know why!

“It’s a Beautiful Day” began, I just couldn’t believe it! One of my favorite songs, she sang so beautifully, sharp and clear that her voice REALLY mesmerized everyone! I guess no one recorded a video of it 😦 But well, nothing is perfect! Sarah left for her first costume change and a brief instrumental version of “Forbidden Colours” was on. She came back to sing her other set starting with “What a Wonderful World” and right there, I thought about my friend Alejandro who simply dies with that song xD

When she finished singing “La Luna”, she went for another costume change and I was more in shock: “Sarahbande” being played by the  band as an interlude! That’s when I realized that I could record at least the audio with my cellphone! (why didn’t I think about that earlier…) And so I did, I recorded the WHOLE concert with my cellphone, of course the quality isn’t so great but it doesn’t matter. Sarah began to sang my all time favorite “Anytime, Anywhere”.

The swiss singer Erkan Aki joined Sarah on stage to perform “Canto Della Terra” and “Sarai Qui”, which was impressive. Once again, Sarah changed her costume to perform her final song before the 20 minutes intermission. When she got back, I was shocked again: she came up dressed as a typical Russian doll! Very very gorgeous! It gave me a fast flashback to my childhood when I lived in Moscow. She performed “Nessun Dorma” where everyone at the end STOOD UP to applaud and scream! The final vocalization was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

During the intermission, I met with Alejandro and Maru and talked for a bit about our impressions of the 1st part of the show and THE BEST WAS YET TO COME! I went to buy a Coke and go to the bathroom. A girl through the speakerphones announced that the show was going to resume in 5 minutes, so I went back to my seat. In this show, contrary to the Mexican set list given by a fan in the forum, the “Kama Sutra” intro was out or at least I don’t remember it. Sarah appeared in her beautiful coin dress (the one she wore in “Arabian Nights” in the Harem World Tour) singing “Harem” and “Stranger in Paradise”.

After another interlude and dress change, Sarah began to sing “Scarborough Fair”! I GOT INSANE! Another all time favorite! I felt that I was in another dimension, lost in the medieval age. After the La Luna segment, Fernando Lima joined Sarah to sing “Pasión” and “Ave Maria”. In “Pasión”, Sarah had a song book put in front of her with the song’s lyrics I assume.

My favorite part of the show was about to begin: Sarah sang “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” which everybody knows what it means: “Phantom of the Opera” is next!!! When she finished singing “Wishing…” a cold windy sound was coming out through the speakers… I got big chills waiting impatiently for the next performance. Finally, when the first beats of Phantom began to play, everyone screamed of excitement.

“In sleep he sang to me, in dreams he came…” were the first lines sung by Sarah! I was so starstruck, thinking that she was the VERY FIRST Christine of the most famous musical of all time! At the end of the song, I was astonished with Sarah’s singing… “SING MY ANGEL OF MUSIC! SING FOR ME” and Sarah singing her lungs out! Mili-seconds after the end of the song, EVERYBODY stood up again and applauded for minutes!!!

It’s Time to Say Goodbye, that was the last song before the encore. A girl behind me screamed “Oh My God!” hahaha. Even though I’m not a big fan of that song, I really enjoyed it and once again, her last vocals trembled the audience! She walked off the stage and everyone screamed “OTRA! OTRA!” (Another! Another!). There was an old couple near me that got up and walked out of the Hall, thinking it was over, hahahaha!

Red lights began to fill the audience and a soft choir began to vocalize with exhalation… “Deliver Me” was the first song of the Encore section. I love so much the song but sadly, it depresses me a lot because it reminds me a painful moment in my life but during the show, it didn’t because my happiness didn’t allow me to get sad! Thank god! Very beautiful.

Now the true final song was about to begin: As I expected, she began to sing “La Wally” which meant only one thing: “A Question of Honour”! I felt that I was in the Harem Tour. When the “dance” part began, I imagined Sarah lifting up and flying like she used to do, sadly she didn’t haha. Everyone were clapping with the song beats, it was a very exciting and intense feeling! And for the last time, when she was finishing singing the second part of “La Wally”, everyone stood up and began to clap, scream, whistle, cry and all that! Hahaha.

Minutes later, all the light went on and Sarah thanked us and thanked her band and the musicians, and then she got out of the stage. It was an incredible show, I really don’t have any complains, it was amazing and finally experienced Sarah LIVE!

An unforgettable evening, that’s for sure!!!

How I met Sarah Brightman:

Sarah Brightman & me after the show!
Sarah Brightman & me after the show!

First, I have to say one thing: Siew May Chin RULES! She’s the one in charge with all the Fan relationship and the official website of Sarah Brightman.

Having said that, I got the chance to meet Sarah thanks to the Backstage Passes that were on sale in her official website, priced at 310$. But that wasn’t easy to get! When I read that the backstage passes would be for sale, I had to do two things: find the money and find someone who still had available de 400$ annual limit for internet shopping.

But I thought it was going on sale within a month or so, and I calmed down. Suddenly, on August 13th I got an e-mail saying that the backstage passes were already for sale! I went mad, how could that be? So soon? And I didn’t do anything to get it! Well I began to look like crazy for someone who had credit cards available and nothing… Until on September 5th, I went to a friend’s house whom I haven’t seen in a while and I told him that I was looking for someone and all the story.

Out of nothing, he went to the kitchen and when he got back, he told me: My dad said he could buy it for you, right now and with no extra charge. I just couldn’t believe it! Omg! So I did, I bought the backstage pass ticket! Days after, I receive an email indicating all the documents I had to bring to the day of the show to get my Backstage Pass and right there I printed all and days before the concert, my friend’s dad signed them.


So on the day of the concert, I arrive to the theater and I see my friend Maru sitting in a desk with an asian woman, it was Siew May Chin! The fan manager and owner of the official Sarah Brightman’s website. There was a line of people in front of them, they were also going to the backstage!

It was my turn and Siew May told me to approach. I sat and Maru tells her: Oh, he is “el_ruso” (my nick on the forum) and she said: “Oh, Hi!” Apparently she recognized me 😀 (I guess she has read my posts) and told me: -I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it to the meeting yesterday, we were very full- to which I replied: -Don’t worry, I can imagine…-. After checking all the documents, she gave me this plastic card that had written: “Backstage Experience: Escroted Access Only”.

It was 6:30 pm and the Pre-Show Backstage was about to begin. We were like 25 people in total and we got in into the theater’s hall where Sarah was going to perform. Siew May showed us the Soundboard and explained how it worked, then we went to the stage and she along with a musician, explained us how the microphones and all the sound system worked. The exciting part was when we got into the Quick Change room, where Sarah gets in to change her costumes, it was very funny to know how Sarah does it! And we saw THE SET LIST posted on the wall of the room, amazing! And we saw 3 Sarah’s dresses hanging there.

Afterward, we headed to the Dress room: we got all EXCITED! They had all the dresses including the famous “Symphony Red Dress” and the “Harem” dress, everyone was screaming of excitement, but we had to lower our noise because Sarah was in the next room! Once we got out, we saw Fernando Lima walking through the corridor; we greeted him, he was very nice!


So the concert was over and we had only 15 minutes to gather together again. Siew led us to the back part of the theater’s Cafeteria. There were several tables and we all sat down, while we were waiting for Sarah, Siew told us to ask any question that we had. She answered some and others she just couldn’t.

SARAH CAME OUT of the door! Looking very beautiful: with a black dress, high heels and her long hair. Everyone were amazed and in shock. As previously we agreed, one by one approached to Sarah and spoke to her a little bit and take a picture (taken by Siew).

It was my turn! I was so nervous! When I approached to her, we shook hands and I told her: -Thank you Sarah, I love you so much and I just want to tell you that you and your music have really changed my life in a positive way- very corny I know but I didn’t care! –And well, I live here but I’m Russian, so I want to give you this souvenir-.

I pulled my gift from the bag (it was the traditional russian doll, also known as “nesting doll”) and gave it to her. Sarah got really happy and she told me: -Oh wow, I collect these! They’re called “matroshkas” right?– at the moment, I was so nervous that I didn’t look at her face but instead, I was looking at the gift in her hands and I said: -Yes, matroshkas-. Now, here’s something that I don’t remember her saying because of my total shock but other fans told me that she replied: -Thank you, I’ll put it in my private collection-. I handed her the little bag: -Here’s the bag if you want-.

So, I hugged her and we were ready to get our pictures! Siew took 2 pictures of us and while I was leaving, I told Sarah: -Thank you Sarah, thank you for everything!- and she smiled at me! I went back to my seat and watched all the other fans greeting her. The funniest fan was Naylin, who’s pregnant and told Sarah that if it’s going to be a girl she’d be named Sarah, and if it’s a boy, he’d be called Andrew, for Andrew Lloyd Webber. That was very funny that even Sarah laughed, it was very cute!

After 40 minutes or so, Sarah left us and we were given signed pictures (Sarah signed them in the dressing room minutes earlier). We all were happy and just couldn’t believe that we met Sarah Brightman! Also, we took group pictures with a Sarah poster. I got home by midnight and my happiness didn’t fit in me! And yesterday (Friday 16th) I got an email which contained my pictures with Sarah! and the Backstage photos. :D!!!



9 thoughts on “Sarah Brightman – In Concert 2009”

  1. Hola Ruso, soy jespinoza007 en el FAN AREA de Sarah Brightman. ¿Dónde puedo conseguir la versión de “Ave Maria” que Sarah cantó con Fernando Lima?, en sus CD no esta.
    Pude grabar unos pocos videos aficionados del concierto porque estaban los encargados de seguridad vigilando que nadie sacara videos. Son bastante pesados para subirlos a la red o mandarlos por correo, repito son videos aficionados NO profesionales. Avisame como se los hago llegar al club de Fans.

  2. I would love to see Sarah live in concert! I’ve only just figured out who she is. I’m only fourteen and no one else in my school knows who she is!my friend told me about Repo! The Genetic Opera and i loved it and Mag was my fav character! So i wanted to know who she was and so after a few minutes of searching i found some of Sarah’s songs on YouTube and immediately fell in love!

    1. Hahaha, that is so cool! Her music is incredible and very relaxing and inspiring! A few people here also doesn’t know who is she, because she’s not that mainstream.

      Welcome to Sarah’s fanship, enjoy her music and hopefully she’ll tour again! =D

    1. Privet! That is so cool =D Sarah has performed few times in Russia, am I right? Hopefully she goes there this tour there (you live in Russia?). Have a great day!

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