The Cranberries – Latin America Tour 2010

cranberries_pak_lgDate: 05-October-2010.

City: Caracas, Venezuela.

Venue: “Sambil” Mall Amphitheater.

Set List:

01. Stars Intro
02. Analyze
03. How
04. Animal Instinct
05. Dreaming My Dreams
06. Linger
07. Ode To My Family
08. Wanted
09. Just My Imagination
10. Desperate Andy
11. You and Me
12. I Can’t Be With You
13. Waltzing Back
14. Electric Blue
15. Free To Decide
16. Salvation
17. Ridiculous Thoughts
18. Zombie
19. Shattered
20. Astral Projection (New Song)
21. Promises
22. Dreams

Note: On the 2nd show in Caracas (Oct. 6th) they slightly changed the set list and sang two other songs: “When You’re Gone” and “Ordinary Day” (Single from Dolores’ 1st Solo Album)


Well, this whole “The Cranberries” thing goes back to almost a year ago! In November 2009, a local promoter announced that the Irish indie-rock band “The Cranberries” were coming to Venezuela! It had sense because they were doing their Latin America Tour in early 2010. My friend Carlos who is a huge fan of them, was giving me updates all the time about the ticket sales and everything else. Finally, the official news came in… On November 18th, the tickets went on sale! So I went early morning to the record store where the tickets were on sale… No one knew about it, in fact, there wasn’t even a table spot of the local promoter. Like an hour later, one of the guys who worked at the store told us that the tickets will be sold at noon…ish; Sadly, I couldn’t wait, I had to get back home… And guess what? I arrived home and Carlos & me bought our tickets online, and synchronized to get seats next to each other, JUST when we finally bought them… I received a call from a friend telling me that the tickets were being sold right now at the record store, where I spent the whole morning waiting and left less than 15 minutes ago, #FML. (fyi: I bought my ticket 15 minutes after they began to sell them, and the first two rows were already full!)

Anyhow, according to the seats chart, we were almost in front of the stage in the 3rd row! YAY us! The show was scheduled for February 12, 2010. Months passed by, and it was the day before the show, I was so excited! That day it was also “Beer-Party” in my university for those who finished their career (me included), around 5 p.m., when the party was almost over, Carlos calls me and tells me that THE CRANBERRIES CANCELED THEIR TOMORROW’S SHOW because Dolores O’Riordan got sick! I couldn’t believe it, I kept asking: “Are you f***in’ kidding me??!!” But no, it was official (rumor has it that the stage and everything was already built!). No one knew if the band would re-schedule the show or they had canceled it for good. Thank god, three weeks later, the band announced that they would return to Venezuela (and to others Latin American countries that they were supposed to) on October 2010.

To make the story shorter, a couple of months ago, the exact date was set: October 5th, 2010… but that wasn’t all, the band added a SECOND show in Caracas and ANOTHER one in Valencia (4 hours from here)! Damn it that I had no money left for the second show đŸ˜¦

The day arrived, Carlos and I went to the Sambil Mall, where the concert was, we went early to get a parking lot and to see if there were many people in line. We exchanged our receipt of the internet purchase for the REAL ticket (shown above) and spent 3 hours walking around the crowded mall. BY THE WAY, since the day before, I was freaking out about HOW DO I sneak my camera into the concert without Security noticing it, so I wrapped it in a fabric, hid it inside my bag, stuffed the bag with everything I had: candies, cigarettes, water, everything! It was 7 p.m. and we decided to finally get in. We did our line and when Security was checking us, a guy asked me to show the inside of my bag, I opened it carefully and the guy didn’t even look! So all the fuzz for nothing! LOL!

The venue was crowded! Everyone drinking beers, smoking and guess what! EVERYONE had their camera with them, taking pictures with the security people next to them! Omg, so bold-faced… Anyway, we went to find our seats… and for our surprise, our seats weren’t almost in front of the stage but moved more to the left! WTF? And we weren’t in the 3rd row but the 5th! As always, messy local promoters cheaters inserting front rows to get more money! But we were still very close, so it was all okay. At 8 o’clock, a local rock band called “Atkinson” got up on stage, after 5 songs, I was bored and wanted them to get the hell outta there!

It was 9 o’clock and FINALLY!!! The show BEGAN! Instrumental “Stars” Intro began to play and “The Cranberries” went up on stage! Everyone were screaming and jumping with their cameras pointing at them. Dolores began to sing “Analyze” in her beautiful black/purple jacket & short jeans and high boots! She greeted us, apologized for coming so late to Venezuela due to her illness and she told us that they arrived at 6 a.m. on the very same day of the show and that they were almost “sleepwalking” on stage, hahaha!

After 5 songs or so, she wore a multicolored feather hat, which was very very funny! In the encore section, she wore a gorgeous red gown with lots of sparkling stones (diamonds imitation?) and sang a brand new song called “Astral Projection” plus their most famous hits like “Promises” and “Dreams”, song which ended the show. During the final song, she surprisingly got off stage and approached to the audience! Everyone went mad, the people from the second and third rows literally pushed and jumped on everyone to get their hand touched by Dolores, LOL! In fact, my friend Carlos jumped from our 5th row and ran like crazy to the “Pains” madness! (Dolores means “Pains” in spanish, haha).

Overall, the concert was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!! The band was fantastic, the audience was very calm and civilized, everything was great! The only thing that I’d say is that Dolores/the band should’ve talk more to the public or at least do more little breaks between the songs, because I felt that the show went SO FAST! And it was because they played one song after the other, i mean: non-stop! But hey, I guess this is the way they work or that is Dolores’ / Band’s character, their way to being… “we came to do our show, not to do a press conference” LOL! (which by the way, they refused to do one).

Videos – available in HD (More videos on my YouTube Channel):


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