La Tigresa del Oriente

Date: 17-March-2011.

City: Caracas, Venezuela.

Venue: “El Teatro” Bar.

Set List:

01. Nuevo Amanecer
02. Felina
03. Alegría
04. El Reggaeton del Suri
05. Nuevo Amanecer


In case you don’t know, “La Tigresa del Oriente” (“The Eastern Tigress”) is a major YouTube sensation in Latin America, who became famous for her low-budget jungle videos and her terrible off-key singing. She is the object of mocking by many, but still, many people enjoys her “music” to have fun. She is a 66 years old lady, born in Perú, and along with Wendy Sulca, they’re one of the biggest celebrities in their native country.

I never imagined she would come to Venezuela to perform her hits, but on December 30th, 2010 it was announced that she’d come in March. No one could believe it and surprisingly, EVERYONE wanted to go! Including me. So, in January I went to buy the tickets for her show: they were sold in a tattoo shop near the bar she was going to perform in. I was kind of ashamed but yet excited to see the “Queen of YouTube”.

It was March 17th, and it was the big day! I supposed there would be a lot of people in line (since her show was sold-out, in fact, they added another show for the next day), so I came there at 8 p.m. There was no one! But half an hour later, it was full of fans waiting in line. At 10 o’clock, the doors opened and everyone ran inside and I was at the very front of the stage, the club WAS FULL! It was midnight and still nothing, we were all tired already. Then, an opening band came on stage called “Cachicamo con Caspa” (meaning: “Armadillo with Dandruff”), they were so funny, making latin-cumbia covers of famous songs (Britney’s Oops, I Did It again; BSB’s I Want It That Way; Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, etc.).

It was 1 a.m. and finally La Tigresa came on stage! Everyone went MAD! Screaming, pointing cameras… And so there she was, in her outrageous Kitsch tiger costumes, her blond wig and heavy make-up; performing her first hit “Nuevo Amanecer”. But wait, I was caught totally off guard when I saw that she was lip-synching! Ok, maybe the first song… it’s OK, but no! She lipped the next song, and the next song, and all the songs! But nobody seemed to care about it, not even me, haha. But let me tell you something, her lip synching was worse than Britney’s VMA 2007 performance LOL! I’d dare to say she even didn’t knew her own songs.

After her 4th song, she called some people in the audience to come on stage and dance with her! The winners of the dance contest would receive a special (bootleg) DVD of her 2nd album, Lol! Five girls went on stage and began to dance. After the contest, she was going to sing her last song of the show, and it was “Nuevo Amanecer” again! The music began and suddenly, stopped! They played it again and again, it stopped! Seems there was a technical trouble in the music area, haha.

She sang her first hit again, and left the stage. Overall, she was there for like 20 minutes only, but everyone were excited and happy with it! I personally, didn’t think of it as a scam or felt disappointed, I had a blast! Also, a few weeks ago, I won a meet&greet with her through Twitter, so did my friend with who I went to the concert. But the organizers of the meeting disappeared and everybody who won was angry. But my friend managed to contact the singer’s manager and on the next day, we went to outside of the Venevisión studios (national TV channel) and MET HER! She was so adorable and lovely, she kissed and hugged us and thanked us for her support!

P.D.: I had 2 Vodka Tonics before the show and then I found out that the ticket had a Smirnoff Ice drink included, for free! =D

Doing the "Grrr" thing.
Me & Tigresa del Oriente putting our paws up! #Grrr

Here are the videos I recorded from the show! (available in HD):


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