Shakira – Sale El Sol Tour 2011

Shakira_Sale el Sol_World Tour_Pop FestivalDate: 27-March-2011.

City: Caracas, Venezuela.

Venue: Simón Bolívar University’s Football Field.

Set List:

01. Pienso en Ti
02. Años Luz
03. Te Dejo Madrid
04. Si Te Vas
05. Suerte
06. Inevitable
07. El Nay A’atini Nay (Interlude)
08. Medley: Nothing Else Matters/Despedida
09. Gitana
10. La Tortura
11. Ciega, Sordomuda
12. Sale el Sol
13. Las de la Intuición
14. Loca
15. Loba
16. Ojos Así
17. Antes De Las Seis
18. Hips Don’t Lie
19. Waka Waka (Esto es África)


When the tickets went on sale, I didn’t know if to go or not to go, but since I was beginning to enjoy her latest Latin CD and not having went to her past tour in Caracas, I decided to go. The thing was that the tickets were VERY EXPENSIVE! Beyond expensive… but still, somehow, the areas around the stage were sold out =S So my friend Jocelyn and I bought the tickets for the second area behind the Golden Circle. Later, the producer company who was bringing her, expanded the Golden Circle and the first area behind it, so we were even farther than before.

Last Sunday was the concert, in the Simón Bolívar University’s Football Field. Jocelyn and I got there at 5 p.m. approximately and were waiting on the line, we met a friend of mine there so he joined us. Finally we got to enter to the venue and there were opening acts playing (among them was “Train”). When Train left, we waited over an hour for her, but at 10.30 p.m. Shakira appeared!

She opened her show with a slow song from her 1st album, walking along the stage and the audience. The bad thing was, that everyone in the Golden Circle and the zone behind it, stood up from their seats and no one of our zone and general one couldn’t see ANYTHING for like 20 minutes (we even began to scream at them to seat down lol). Meantime, Shakira looked beautiful and happy performing.

The stage was VERY simple, didn’t have anything special, no props, no major backdrop visuals (there were, but just a few and for a few minutes), just a huge screen behind her showing the show (the quality of that screen was A+ I believe it was an HD LED). With those expensive prices, I expected a huge stage show (not like Madonna’s but something similar), I mean, Shakira has gained worldwide success in the past years, she could do it! Even the 2003 tour that I went had more things on stage and screens.

Overall, the show was cool and we had a great time although we barely saw Shakira live, most of the time we were looking at the big screen on stage. And I don’t know if it was me, but the show went SO fast, Shakira was singing a song after another non-stop, just one interlude and it was a turn down because everything went dark for like 3 minutes (that’s not supposed to happen in a show, it kills totally the mood!). If I’m not mistaken, she sang only for like an hour and quarter. PLUS she barely sang songs from her “Sale El Sol” album, and I was disappointed that she didn’t perform “Rabiosa”. She did an encore and performed three more songs and ended with Waka-Waka and threw a lot of confetti at the end =D

Note to myself: If you have the money, buy front line tickets or better yet, go to USA or Europe and see her there.

Below, a few videos I managed to record (My camera went crazy! Every time I tried to zoom and focus Shakira, the image went blurry!)

More videos in my YouTube Channel


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