Britney Spears – Femme Fatale Tour 2011

FemmefataletourDate: 01-July-2011.

City: Vancouver, Canada.

Venue: Rogers Arena.

Set List:

01. Hold It Against Me
02. Up n’ Down
03. 3
04. Piece of Me
05. Big Fat Bass (feat.
06. How I Roll
07. Lace and Leather
08. If U Seek Amy
09. Gimme More
10. (Drop Dead) Beautiful [feat. Sabi]
11. He About to Lose Me
12. Boys
13. Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know
14. …Baby One More Time / S&M (Remix)
15. Trouble For Me
16. I’m a Slave 4 U
17. Burning Up
18. I Wanna Go
19. Womanizer
20. Toxic
21. Till the World Ends


It’s Britney, bitch! The most memorable phrase in the few past years. When I found out that Britney was coming to Vancouver, I knew that I had to go and see her, I mean, sure she lipsynchs and she’s not a perfect dancer anymore but it’s Britney, all my generation grew up with her music; and I knew that she wouldn’t bring her huge show to Venezuela. Based on my Madonna experience, I wanted the “end of the catwalk” seats, so I could see her all the time (and not turning my head to see her back); finally, I managed to get left-front seats near the end of the catwalk!

It was Canada Day, July 1st, and after spending the afternoon with some friends celebrating the “Independence Day”, we headed to the Rogers Arena. When we arrived, we were amazed with the fans… Every girl was dressed as Britney! Pink wigs, Toxic transparent dress, Baby One more Time look and so on. Again, I arrived at 7 p.m. and “Jessie and the Toy Boys” were performing. Hour later, the most anticipated opening act began: Nicki Minaj.

Everyone were about to “lose their shit”, screaming “Nickiiiiii!” and got off their seats and ran to the rails. I don’t like Nicki at all, but still I enjoyed her performance: she sang her songs plus the songs that she featured in like “Raining Men” by Rihanna [Fat bitches!], “Where Them Girls At” by David Guetta, etc., and what I found weird is that she used Enya’s songs for her crazy video interludes xD. After she was done, the Arena’s screens began to show the countdown for Britney’s show, 55 minutes to go. Damn!

Five minutes to go and everyone were so excited! The security arose very hard, we weren’t allowed to leave our seats and they were really aware of the digital cameras. After the Intro “Femme Fatale” video, the screens split and there she was, coming out on a moving platform singing “Hold It Against Me”. I couldn’t believe I was seeing Britney Spears live! The excitement got bigger when she walked through the catwalk towards us at the end of “Up n’ Down”, I had her like 2 meters away from me! And while performing “3”, I could assure that she was looking at us (she had her glasses on).

Overall, the concert was AMAZING. Not a secret for anyone, she did playback most of her songs, but as opposed to her previous tour, she sang 4 or 5 songs live (e.g.: Hold It Against Me, Up n’ Down, 3, Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know, Lace and Leather…). Also, I saw that Briney was finally back: she was very energetic on stage, great dancing, she spoke with the audience, she was really enthusiastic and emphatic with the audience and the whole show. During “Lace and Leather”, Britney called a lucky fan to join her on stage, and I don’t know if it was fixed or not, but they chose a guy from the right side of the catwalk and Britney made him a lap dance! =O

The show ended with her recent hit “Till the World Ends” with a lot of fireworks and confetti, the Floor area seemed like a huge disco party while everyone sang “oooh oh oh oh” at the same time. I must say that I was very lucky to go to this show, because later I found out that it was the last show where she performed “He About to Lose Me” (bonus track from “Femme Fatale”), which featured her laying on a bed while the dancers did crazy acrobatics in the hanging metal blocks. And also, I read that like 5 shows later, they removed definitely the Madonna’s cover “Burning Up” due to technical problems with the guitar! How about that??? In fact, the DVD was recorded without those 2 songs!

And last but not least, Britney Spears DOES NOT look Fat! Obviously she’s not the 2001 Britney but she looks so great right now and I really give her kudos for that!

Sadly, I couldn’t record many videos since the security guards caught me and told me that I could only take pictures, but no video! =( So, I’ll post some pictures and the few videos that I managed to record.

P.D.: As of this week of September, I can confirm that I will be seeing Britney again in my country, Venezuela! Who would’ve thought?!

Here are the videos for the two songs that were removed from the set list after my show. Recorded in San Jose, California on June 18th:

Burning Up“:

He About to Lose Me“:


One thought on “Britney Spears – Femme Fatale Tour 2011”

  1. Hopefully everyone had a chance to check out Nervo’s set. If you didn’t make sure you go to to check them out!!! And if your going to any upcoming date on this Britney tour make sure to arrive early to catch NERVO’s set!!!!

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