Rihanna – Loud Tour 2011

rihannaDate: 24-June-2011.

City: Vancouver, Canada.

Venue: Rogers Arena.

Set List:

01. Only Girl (In the World)
02. Disturbia
03. Shut Up and Drive
04. Man Down
05. Darling Nikki
06. S&M
07. Let Me
08. Skin
09. Raining Men
10. Hard
11. Breakin’ Dishes
12. The Glamorous Life
13. Medley: “Run This Town” / “Live Your Life”
14. Unfaithful
15. Hate That I Love You
16. California King Bed
17. What’s My Name?
18. Rude Boy
19. Cheers (Drink to That)
20. Don’t Stop the Music
21. Take a Bow
22. Love the Way You Lie (Part II)
23. Umbrella


Note to self: don’t go hard partying the night before you have a concert, especially if you have classes the next morning. I spent the whole day with a rough hangover and in the afternoon I was falling asleep everywhere and I had to drink two espresso coffees from Starbucks; huge mistake! On my way to the Rogers Arena, I began to sweat cold and trembling… bad bad.

The concert: Not being a big Rihanna fan, I didn’t know all of her songs, in fact, I only knew the latest singles (Don’t stop the music, Only Girl, S&M and that was pretty much it, although I did have heard other ones sometime). It was my first concert that I attended in North America and in an Arena, I was very curious about it. Turns out it was pretty great, good organization and no one would steal your seat. Although, when I was about to enter, the security guy told me that I had to change my ticket because my seat didn’t exist! So I went to the box office and they changed me for seat 30 (instead of the ghost 34) = Row 4, Seat 34!

If I had known, I would’ve arrived later, not at 7 p.m. as my ticket said, especially with the way I was feeling. Rihanna finally came out at 10:30 p.m., the circular screens lifted up from the stage and the main screen opened and there she was, singing “Only Girl (In the World)”. She looked amazing! The curly red hair, the outrageous outfit and the sexy moves, but I must say that she looked a little bit fatter from what I’ve seen on the TV and pictures. Everyone were screaming and shouting, the excitement was overwhelming. She then sang songs from her previous album and “Man Down” from the current one (which at the time I didn’t like it, but now I am hooked with it!).

The opening of the second act was “S&M” which was great and I really daydreamed about Britney Spears joining the stage! In that section, RiRi reminded me of Madonna’s “Candy Shop” entrance on her “Sticky & Sweet Tour”; but nowadays, who is not inspired by the Queen of Pop? The following acts involved a giant battle tank with pink tubes, cages being lifted to the ceiling and an acoustic break. Rihanna interacted a lot with the audience and she thanked for the incredible support from her Vancouver fans. Everyone went crazy. One of the highlights was the performance of “California King Bed”, where she stood alone with her microphone singing the tune and big fireworks at the end!

“Don’t Stop the Music” began to sound and seemed like the whole Arena would crumble. In the middle of the song, RiRi went off stage and walked through the audience to get to a small piece of stage that was behind us (was near row 30, perhaps?) which had a drum set and she began to play it and messing around with it. The penultimate song “The Way You Lie” featured a piano that was flying in the air while she was performing sitting on it, simply glorious!

“Umbrella” obviously was the final song of the show and it also featured a lot of fireworks and confetti. Overall, I really really enjoyed the concert even though I didn’t know half of the songs (shame on me); and I would’ve enjoyed more the concert if it wasn’t for the drunk/junkie couple that I had besides me…. X_X Some of my friend went to her second show the next day and they enjoyed it as well very much! I would’ve gone but I was on my way to Portland! (There was No rest for me until Tuesday).

Oh! One thing I must say… I felt that Rihanna was bored performing, even with the singing, like she was tired and/or didn’t feel like doing the show. Maybe just my mind? I have videos that I will post later and you tell me what you think! =D


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