Katy Perry – California Dreams Tour 2011

final-admat1Date: 19-July-2011.

City: Vancouver, Canada.

Venue: Rogers Arena.

Set List:

01. Teenage Dream
02. Hummingbird Heartbeat
03. Waking Up in Vegas
04. Ur So Gay
05. Peacock
06. I Kissed a Girl
07. Circle the Drain
08. E.T.
09. Who Am I Living For?
10. Pearl
11. Not Like the Movies
12. The One that Got Away
13. Medley: Only Girl (In the World) / Big Pimpin’ / Whip My Hair
14. Thinking of You
15. Hot ‘n’ Cold
16. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
17. I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)
18. Firework
19. California Gurls


It just so happened that the concert was on my 25th Birthday! =D What a better gift than going to Katy’s show? I got there around 8 p.m., after the two previous concerts experience, I wasn’t going early again to wander around the Arena. Outside the entrance to the Arena itself, there was a stand “beach” decorated where you could take a picture sitting on a candy Muffin xD like the “California Gurls” video; also, there were many people doing a line to a big bubblegum machine, later I found out that people of the “Virgin” mobile company were giving away coins that once you put them inside that machine and in case you get the pink bubblegum, you’d get first row tickets and a chance to meet Katy! Certainly, I got my coins and began to do the line, but it wasn’t moving at all and Katy was about to go on stage, so I came back to my row 28 seat (yeah, the only concert in Canada where I was very far away) and waited.

The show began with a creepy video interlude, it was very Tim Burton alike style, where Katy went to the butcher and got lost in a weird dream. She came on stage singing “Teenage Dream” and everyone went mad. The show was simple but it had a lot of stage props, which made it so great! During the second act, Mrs. Brand began to sing a jazzy version of “I Kissed a Girl” and it morphed into a dance-rock song! After other costume changes, interludes and performances, she stood on a column that lifted her like 15 meters from the stage for the song “Pearl”, which is one of the best songs of the album. Then, she had her “unplugged” time, with three musicians performing covers, one of them was Rihanna’s “Only Girl”. Funny fact: in one of the covered songs, she was “playing” the flute and after she finished, the flute sound kept playing! Katy was caught off guard and she joked with the audience: “That wasn’t supposed to happen! Will you forgive me, Vancouver? Everyone can lip-synch some time, right?”.

During the performance of “Thinking of You”, she got on to a flying platform that carried her to the back part of the Floor area, where I was! Katy was standing still playing the guitar while waving at her fans, incredible! Furthermore, before singing “Last Friday Night”, she did a cover of the infamous song “Friday” by Rebecca Black, and surprisingly, everyone knew the song, enjoyed it and even sang it! Another dancers medley and Katy sang “Firework”, which in my opinion should’ve been the last song of the show, but after 5 minutes of Encore silence, the hit single “California Gurls” began to play, at the very end, she brought this tank-alike machine that shot… ice cream (? maybe it was foam) to the audience.

Overall, I loved the show, it was very fresh and fun! It wasn’t a high-tech totally planned show like Rihanna’s, Britney’s or even Madonna’s; but it was a great experience. But what I loved more than the show, was Katy herself! She was so crazy, fun and sweet with the whole audience: first, she spoke A LOT! She told jokes, anecdotes, why Canada was better than U.S. (imagine!) and even told us what she did the day in Vancouver the day before the concert (she went to a karaoke-bar in the middle of the city’s downtown and got “drunk”, wish I had known and we’d be partying together all night!). Second, she was extremely kind to the fans: she mounted a fan on stage and made him take his T-shirt off while she was flirting with him! [She got an audio message that her husband was there and she pushed the fan back to his seat and ran away, hahaha]. Then, after “Last Friday Night” performance, she mounted a bunch of fans on stage (like 20) and she kept screaming and pointing to the audience: “you! come over here! And you! And you!”, she hugged and played with her fans. When everybody had to leave for her to continue her show, a little girl (who was on stage) approached to her and asked for a picture with her, aww! How cute! On her way out, the girl realized that the picture wasn’t good and she returned to Katy and asked for another one! How about that? Katy gladly took another one and went on with the show.

As a performer and artist, I would dare to say that Katy Perry was the best of all the three ones that I saw in Vancouver. She doesn’t take herself so seriously and she’s crazy! And the way she treat her fans/audience is simply amazing! =D


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