Britney Spears – Femme Fatale Tour 2011

Femmefataletour Date: 28-November-2011.

City: Caracas, Venezuela.

Venue: Simón Bolívar University’s Football Field.

Set List:

01. Hold It Against Me
02. Up n’ Down
03. 3
04. Piece of Me
05. Big Fat Bass (feat.
06. How I Roll
07. Lace and Leather
08. If U Seek Amy
09. Gimme More
10. (Drop Dead) Beautiful [feat. Sabi]
11. Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know
12. Boys
13. …Baby One More Time / S&M (Remix)
14. Trouble For Me
15. I’m a Slave 4 U
16. I Wanna Go
17. Womanizer
18. Toxic
19. Till the World Ends


As I said in my previous post, no one could believe Britney was coming to our country. When the tickets went on sale, they were almost sold out! A friend of mine (with whom I was going to the concert) bought our tickets in the Platinum section Front Row (since the closest seats to the stage were very expensive) and when we arrived to the venue, it was pretty close. Howie D. (former member of the Backstreet Boys) was the Opening act for the Latin American leg, he sung five songs and the countdown began!

Since Britney stripped down her stage for her European and Latin American tour, there was no longer the metallic “Femme Fatale” logo coming down from the ceiling when the show begins; instead, it was a Digital image in the video screens. When the Intro video ended, there was Britney, coming out from the screen doors! She looked BEAUTIFUL! She had wavy long hair and an edgy make-up (very “Blackout” style: Blood red lips, and dark shadows around her eyes – I think in Caracas was the only city she had this look). She performed very great. In “Piece of Me” she wasn’t in the flying capsule but she danced in the stage. She had the new “pink” dress during How I Roll and the subsequent songs of that section.

During “Lace and Leather”, Britney chose a fan from the audience to dance for him (The fans for “Lace and Leather” & “I Wanna Go” were previously chosen with a contest that was made one month ago, so it wasn’t a real surprise or picking). For my surprise, Britney was very happy and given with the fans in the concert, in fact, in “I Wanna Go” she threw the T-Shirts to the audience HERSELF! I believe, she never did that in other concerts. After performing “Womanizer”, they didn’t play the Toxic Video Interlude right away, instead, they kept us waiting like five minutes! A true encore…

Overall, I really enjoyed this concert and Britney was very spontaneous! On the other hand, thank God I saw her earlier that year in Canada, since my show was the last one where she performed “He About to Lose Me” and “Burning Up”, plus, it was the FULL high-tech stage… Bigger stage with more props, the flying capsule, fireworks at the end of “Til the World Ends” and most important: THE CATWALK! Those things were removed from the European and the South American leg. The DVD of the show was recorded in Toronto, Canada and whereas it’s great… it didn’t have the two extra songs as I previously mentioned and the editing is TERRIBLE: they dubbed all Britney’s live vocals with the CD ones… very disappointing. And the fan chosen for the “Lace and Leather” performance, was the boyfriend of someone who worked with Britney as he went TO ALL Britney shows around the globe… In fact, I met him in the Caracas concert! =S (jealous much?).

Attaching some of my videos recorded during the show:

Intro Countdown:

Lace and Leather:

I Wanna Go (Britney says: “I Love You Venezuela”!):


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