Jennifer Lopez – Dance Again Tour 2012

Dance_AgainDate: 16-June-2012.

City: Caracas, Venezuela.

Venue: Simón Bolívar University’s Football Field.

Set List:
01. Get Right
02. Medley: I’m Real (Remix) / All I Have / Feelin’ So Good / Ain’t It Funny (Remix)
03. Jenny From the Block
04. Video Interlude 3
05. If You Had My Love
06. Qué Hiciste?
07. Until It Beats No More
08. Follow the Leader (with Wisin & Yandel)
09. Let’s Get Loud
10. On The Floor
11. Video Interlude 6
12. Dance Again


It was the concert I’ve been expecting the most to see all these years, and very sadly was THE WORST I’ve ever been to. Everything was going fine early that day, I met with my friends and we took a taxi to the venue. While we were getting there, it began to rain, OK we said; by the time we arrived at 6 pm it was POURING rain but we thought: hey, still 3 hours to go for the show to start. It was 8 pm and the rain was becoming more of an insane downpour, we proceeded to go to our seats but nothing has started.

By the way, I had a cold and with the heavy rain and cold, I was having “the time of my life”… To make the story short, due to the heavy flood, Jennifer Lopez didn’t go on stage until 11 pm! In fact, we thought they were going to cancel the show. Finally at that time, the rain has stopped and she finally came on stage. A little while later, after she performed Get Right, I realized we were getting a heavy cut-down show: she performed the medley right-away and then skipped to the ballad section… NO “WAITING FOR TONIGHT” performance! (which is what I was yearning the most). Also, something strange happened: after the Ballad segment, she left the stage and Wisin & Yandel came up and sang for like half an hour (they were the Opening Act, but in the middle of the actual concert?!)… So I thought J.Lo was going to begin her show as it was meant to be: from the beginning (with video interludes and the skipped songs not performed before), I was wrong. She then appeared with Wisin & Yandel to perform “Follow the Leader”, which I think it was the only show/venue where she performed this song; but then she proceeded with the encore.

Overall, the show lasted no more than 1 hour. At midnight it was already over… Everyone were SO MAD (including myself), since we had paid a lot of money to see the full show and the local producers forced J.Lo either cancel the show or strip it down to 50 minutes… I believe because there is a curfew law or something that forbids doing a concert after midnight but c’mon! If I were a serious production company, I would’ve paid the fine to the City Hall or local authorities and would’ve given the full 2 hour show, even if it ended at 1 am. Others say that Jennifer Lopez had to take a plane that night. I don’t know but I really had the WORST time ever due to all this mess.

Jennifer Lopez was amazing, though. She gave her all, danced, spoke a lot with the audience and sang live! Nonetheless, the whole rain situation really screwed things up. I mean, for the first time ever J.Lo goes on a full world tour and decides to come to Venezuela (which is usually odd) and this happens. So I came back home, all soaking wet looking like a drowned harassed rat fearing for my health (as I said before I had a heavy cold)! Thank God everything went okay onwards.

I still can’t get over this fiasco.


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