Madonna – MDNA Tour 2012

mdna2Date: 21-June-2012.

City: Barcelona, Spain.

Venue: Palau Sant Jordi.

Set List:
01. Act of Contrition Intro
02. Girl Gone Wild
03. Revolver
04. Gang Bang
05. Papa Don’t Preach
06. Hung Up
07. I Don’t Give A
08. Best Friend (Interlude)
09. Express Yourself/Born This Way
10. Give Me All Your Luvin’
11. Turn Up the Radio
12. Open Your Heart
13. Masterpiece
14. Justify My Love (Interlude)
15. Vogue
16. Candy Shop
17. Human Nature
18. Like a Virgin
19. Nobody Knows Me (Interlude)
20. I’m Addicted
21. I’m a Sinner
22. Like a Prayer
23. Celebration


If there’s a second show in the same city, how on earth someone wouldn’t go again?! I couldn’t miss another Madonna show especially when I’m traveling so far to see her! So my friend Alicia managed to get two seated tickets on the lower level of the Arena (and excellent seats btw!) and we chose the seated ones because we wanted to enjoy the show as a whole production and all relaxed in comparison with the chaos of the first show; plus, we wanted to do some sightseeing earlier that day.

On the second day, we arrived to the Arena around 6 pm and before we went inside, there was an Official Madonna Merchadise Stand outside the entrance, I went nuts buying MDNA merch! (Sadly, they didn’t have the iPhone Case I was looking for). We didn’t enter immediately, first, because the Arena didn’t have air conditioning on (singer’s request) and second, Madonna wasn’t going to show up before 10 pm, so we just stayed outside chilling out.

Around 8:30 pm we finally entered because the queue at the doors was getting bigger and bigger, although it moved pretty fast. Once we were inside, I decided to treat myself with a beer (small one, don’t wanna be drunk for the concert!); also, thank God I bought the merchandise outside, the inside stands were insanely crowded and it was a chaos. Like half an hour later, Martin Solveig began to play his Pre-Show set (it was the same as the day before) while we were walking around the Arena shooting “aerial” pictures of the crowd, haha.

As it was about time for the show to begin, we went to our seats which turned out to be amazing! Very close to the floor and you could see the whole stage perfectly. Oh! Forgot to mention that this time my friend brought her DSLR camera, so she took pretty amazing pictures! I took videos instead. The church candle lowered and the lights went off: the show had started! Overall (and to not repeat everything again), the show was all the same but there were some details that I will tell you up next:

At the end of “Express Yourself”, when Madonna spins the metal cane, it slipped from her hands and it fell inside the Golden Triangle haha, so Madonna couldn’t do the “She’s Not Me” ass-shake dance, instead, she told the fans from the pit to give it back to her, lol! Same thing happened during “Human Nature” when she takes off the top of her bra, she threw further than she was supposed to, so she pointed with her finger to a fan and shouted “Give it back to me!” xD Priceless! Oh, at the beginning of “Vogue” she forgot to lip-synch the first “strike a pose” verses (Note: that was the only song she lip-synched in the tour). By the way, you really can appreciate the video screens from a distance, they look so amazing and sharp that actually during “Celebration”, the 3D cubes actually seemed 3D flying out into the audience!

Generally speaking, I felt that Madonna was way more relaxed and happy on the second show, in fact, during her speech after “Open Your Heart” she spoke longer and she interacted more with the audience by making us scream “Fuck Yeah!” several times (“No, it’s not yeah, it’s FUCK YEAH!) and she joked more during the whole show. Probably she was feeling more relaxed and less tired (I believe she arrived to Spain the same day of the first show). Also, I noticed that the crowd was way better on the 21st, especially the ones on the floor around the stage (where I was the day before): they weren’t hitting or pushing each other, instead they were all super excited but less “violent”; I guess because it was the second show, most of them already saw her so the “fury” and the wild excitement had passed. For one moment I wished I had seated seats for the first show and Early Access tickets for the second, but c’mon, big deal!

This time, we KNEW which way we had to go to get to the bus stop and our hotel, so we didn’t take too long and came back pretty fast. In fact, we had time to chill out outside the Arena once the show was over. “It’s so sad that it had to end”…

“Gang Bang” recorded mainly from my second show seat:


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