Lady Gaga – Born This Way Ball 2013

220px-The_Born_This_Way_BallDate: 09-February-2013.

City: Toronto, Canada.

Venue: Air Canada Centre.

Set List:
01. Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)
02. Government Hooker
03. Born This Way
04. Black Jesus † Amen Fashion
05. Bloody Mary
06. Bad Romance
07. Judas
08. Fashion of His Love
09. Just Dance
10. LoveGame
11. Telephone
12. Hair
13. Electric Chapel
14. Heavy Metal Lover
15. Bad Kids
16. Yoü and I
17. Born This Way (Piano Version)
18. Americano
19. Poker Face
20. Alejandro
21. Paparazzi
22. Scheiße
23. The Edge of Glory
24. Marry the Night


If one dose of weirdness wasn’t enough, there is a second Gaga show the following day! From the previous day experience, I knew Gaga wasn’t coming on stage before 9 o’clock, so this time I arrived later to the Arena and wasn’t worried about the time. Again, no Tour Books were available and the only merchandise for sale were fan-designed T-Shirts; it was Little Monster mania again, many people were dressed up as Lady Gaga taking pictures with other fans lol.

When it was close to the time of the show, I went to my seat. This time I was sitting on the first row of the Upper Section, meaning that basically I was on the very back of the Floor area; when I walked to my seat, I had a very good-looking couple sitting besides me who seemed very nice and fun at first, we talked for a bit, but then I noticed they were drunk and during the show it wasn’t that “fun”: at first, the girl was over-excited by jumping and screaming so loud in the first songs. Her boyfriend jumped the fence several times to go to the washroom, go for a few drinks, etc… The security guys didn’t do much except telling him to stop it. After “Telephone”, the lady got very  wasted and sat in her seat looking totally numb and/or intoxicated (too many beers perhaps?), and few songs later she was feeling really sick and First Aid came to assist her. They took them out of the show to help her and then they returned screaming that they were asked to leave the Arena but the guy was friends with security so they managed to come back… All this side-show going on right next to me was pretty distracting. Oh and when Gaga was doing her long speeches, the boyfriend kept screaming: “SHUT UP AND SING!”, hahaha.

The show itself was the same, so I won’t repeat the details (or go here). What I missed to say in my previous post was about the Piano/Speech section which came after “Bad Kids”: Lady Gaga approached the motorcycle that she rode in “Heavy Mental Lover”, sat on it and there was a keyboard inside (interesting, right?). After performing “You and I”, she spoke again how she was happy to be there and how we are all united and all that stuff; then, she said that she would call a fan by phone and talked to him/her. She pulled out a toy that looked as a cellphone and we heard the dial bips hahaha. Surprisingly, someone did answer and the fan WAS REALLY in the audience! It was a guy on the Upper 100 Right Section who answered the Gaga call and he was focused with the spotlight and the cameras. Gaga asked him how he was doing, promoted her Born This Way Foundation, and in the end she offered him and friends who came with him to meet her after the show! How cool is that? The same thing happened next day, but this time it was a mom with her daughter who answered the phone, the little girl was beyond excited lol. One thing I (and I think everybody else) noticed was that the “cellphones” that these fans answered were TOY phones! In the giant screens (when they focused the fans) you could see that the phone’s “screen” was this printed sticker, identical to those sample phones that you see in an authorized dealer stores; that made me wonder if these calls were previously arranged and it wasn’t a surprise at all… Actually, I don’t wonder, I bet it was like that for the sake of the show to go on flawlessly? Dunno. Ah, she also repeated the same “Who is this Lady Gaga girl?” speech before “Bad Kids”, but I liked how she spoke the previous day better.

Since I was sitting right next to the exit of the General Admission Floor area, I kept seeing these “fans” walking in and out the area every five minutes, what the hell? Are you watching the show or what? Even during Gaga’s most famous songs like “Bad Romance” and “Poker Face”, they kept leaving and coming back moments later… what a way to waste your ticket, money and time. Anyways, the Encore section was the same as last night’s: we had to wait like ten minutes for Gaga to perform “Edge of Glory” in her pajamas and then she picked some fans from the Monster Pit to join her on stage (the picked fans were different from the first show, except one guy that was there again just with another “freaky” outfit, unfair IMO).

“Marry the Night” acoustic/album version was the final song from this show, she thanked us for everything and goodnight! Again, I truly enjoyed the show; and while is not the best thing I’ve seen, it’s not the worst either… It’s just the order of the songs, their stage set-up and the whole show theme is a big mess that keeps you confused, for instance: she used her “Judas” costume to perform “Hair” in a section that didn’t have anything to do with that “theme”. It’s Gaga…

Few days later UPDATE: Lady Gaga performed one more date after Toronto (in Montreal) AND CANCELLED HER TOUR! :O She didn’t postponed it, she cancelled every remaining show in North America (the last leg of the tour) due to a hip fracture which required an urgent immediate surgery. Oh my God! Now I feel so lucky that I managed to see her twice before this unforeseen situation! Some people and online articles say that her “hip thing” excuse for cancellation wasn’t that extreme as Gaga’s team tried to make it look like; but it was also due to poor ticket sales and poor money earning that didn’t justify the expensive production of the “Born This Way Ball”, so Live Nation forced her to cancel the remaining twenty shows or something. Who knows?


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