P!nk – The Truth About Love Tour 2013

Truth_About_Love_TourDate: 11-March-2013.

City: Toronto, Canada.

Venue: Air Canada Centre.

Set List:
01. Raise Your Glass
02. Walk of Shame
03. Just Like a Pill
04. U + Ur Hand
05. Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)
06. Try
07. Wicked Game (Chris Isaak’s cover)
08. Just Give Me a Reason
09. Trouble
10. Are We All We Are
11. How Come You’re Not Here?
12. Sober
13. Family Portrait
14. Who Knew
15. Fuckin’ Perfect
16. Most Girls / There You Go / You Make Me Sick
17. Slut Like You
18. Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
19. So What?
20. Glitter in the Air


Holy cow! P!nk sold out her only show in Toronto in just a few hours back in September… As I wasn’t sure whether I’d be traveling to Canada or not, I didn’t buy tickets back then; but now that I am in Toronto, I definitely had to go to her concert! I love P!nk since her first “Can’t Take Me Home” album, she’s such a great artist and she keeps it real, you know? Anyways, I had no other choice but to buy the ticket in StubHub, and I had to choose a balanced ticket between the price and the section I’d be in, so I ended up buying a ticket in the Lower Section but with side view at the stage, it wasn’t that bad as I thought I’d be, there were people even further to the side.

After buying some merchandise of “The Truth About Love” Tour, I went to my seat, it wasn’t really that bad and I had nice people besides me! The whole arena was FULL, it was definitely a Sold-out show. I noticed that some guy was being shown on the video screens and he was dressed up very clownish, so I figured it out that he was part of P!nk’s crew; he was walking all around the arena playing with the audience, he then reached to our section but the show was about to begin so he went directly to the stage. He began to welcome us to the “Truth About Love” Show and slowly, the music was beginning.

An introductory video of P!nk drinking shots in a bar and talking with the bartender was shown on the screens; after that, the curtains went up and P!nk emerged from underneath the stage hanging out on acrobatic chords, everyone began to scream and applaud. She performed “Raise Your Glass” and hid beneath the stage again, moments later she appeared again and walked to her Heart shaped catwalk and touched several fans (she kept doing that throughout the whole show!). She sang few more songs and before singing “Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)”, P!nk was teaching us how to make a dorky dance, she told us that she can’t dance and that’s why she was doing this whole acrobatic flying stuff, haha. For the next song, “Try”, she changed her clothes and began to fly and move on top of the stage wrapped around in black clothes, it was astounding! What a great surprise was the next song: it was Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”, she laid down on the foggy stage with her retro microphone and red bright lights in the background, beautiful!

Her latest single “Just Give Me A Reason” was up next, she changed her clothes again and walked around the stage, the Fun.’s vocalist parts were shown on the video screens behind her, as usually many featured artists do. She performed more songs, and in “Sober” she pulled her acrobatics thing again, this time she was trapped in a spherical cage that was suspended on the roof which was spinning very fast with her dancers holding on to it’s borders. After this wonderful performance, P!nk came out with a white dress and stood by a piano and sang an acoustic version of “Family Portrait”, her voice is amazing! She hit every note and sang with such passion… And to keep the ballad set, “Who Knew” was next and she played it with a guitarist on the catwalk, but before, she made a quick speech thanking her fans and wishing a Happy Birthday to her manager. Many fans from the Pit section gifted her stuffed animals with “Truth About Love” embroidered patch on them, P!nk was very moved by it and talked how that now is all about her daughter, awww. “Fuckin’ Perfect” was the last song from the section, but oddly enough, she performed the censored version (“Perfect” only); actually, the whole concert was PG rated… she censored all the bad words in her songs, meaning she replaced them for another words or just made some sounds or even silence during the bad word parts… Why? Is it because it’s North America, because there were young fans in the crowd? But I wasn’t too pleased with this, keep it original!

Another video interlude was shown: a brief biography of P!nk and how she got her first record deal… Bam! “Most Girls” music began to play and she sang a medley of that song, “There You Go” and one of my most favorites: “You Make Me Sick”. I was so happy at that time, because P!nk really hates her first album and she wants it to forget all about it (stating it wasn’t her image and her Record Label controlled her artist decisions), nevertheless, her fans love the singles from the first album, she shouldn’t forget that that album made her famous, and I think it’s important for her to keep that in mind! After “Slut Like You” (which was pretty cool), she performed the lead single from her latest album “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” and the crowd went insane; I had three ladies in front of me that kept screaming (very loud) and putting her hands in the air all the time, but on this song they went crazy! Not much luck for me, their hands kept appearing in my videos that I recorded of the show xD P!nk introduced her band and said goodbye to everyone making us believe (not really) that it was her last song.

Few moments later, she came out from the backstage wearing a tight “swimming” suit and a rounded metal thing around her waist. She walked to the catwalk and her two dancers attached some robes on the metal ring, I realized that was going to happen: she was going to perform “So What” and she was repeating the exact same routine as her previous “Funhouse Tour” by flying all around the arena making acrobatics and spins in the air. Nonetheless, since it was the first time I saw her live, I was amazed by the 360 Arena flying routine and everyone were :O as well. Oddly enough, she also repeated the “Glitter In the Air” performance from the “Funhouse Tour” and the 2010 Grammy Awards, she wore even the same dress… Seems like someone didn’t have sufficient time to rehearse a new ending for the show, lol. It was incredible, though, P!nk climbing the fabric, getting wet and spinning out of control. Then, she just walked away from the stage and “movie” credits began to play on the screens 😦

Overall, I had a great time and I was happy that I finally was able to see P!nk live. I wanna point out that her shows are very organic and are heavily based in body expressions (it’s all about movement, body strength, etc.) ; all the props and stage setups are used just as a background and they don’t really take an important part of the show but only as a support; hence makes it pretty hard to compare her to other artists like Madonna, Kylie Minogue, among others, who use giant video screens and decorations to create specific sets while using the stage as the main force on their shows. Just one thing I noticed was that P!nk was sometimes applying the “Beyoncé / Gaga” singing… The full vocal track playing in the background while P!nk shouted a few verses, she really didn’t have the need to do it since she doesn’t dance on her shows (when she’s not doing any crazy “Cirque Du Soleil” stunt), maybe she was tired? Anyways, hopefully I will still be in Toronto in November since due to ultra high demand in Canada, she added another show in Toronto for the end of that month :D!!!


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