Jackie Evancho – Songs from the Silver Screen Tour 2013

Date: 14-March-2013.

City: Toronto, Canada.

Venue: Roy Thomson Hall.

Set List:
01. Pure Imagination
02. Some Enchanted Evening
03. The Summer Knows
04. My Heart Will Go On
07. When You Wish Upon a Star
11. Reflection
12. The Music of the Night


This little girl CAN sing! After her breakthrough on “America’s Got Talent” with her adult perfect soprano voice, her music career has taken a huge step, she even sang with Sarah Brightman! She’s currently promoting her third or fourth album called “Songs from the Silver Screen”, which, as the name states, is a cover-album of theme songs from the most famous movies and includes several favorites of mine like “Come What May” and “Music of the Night”. So I found out few months ago that she was performing in Toronto and I thought it would be very cool to see her live to believe her remarkable voice… the Mini-Sarah Brightman.

On Thursday the 14th I went to the Roy Thomson Hall, which is a modern theater in downtown and I almost didn’t make it on time as the show started at 7:30 pm and I had classes late that day. When I entered the hall and found my seat, I noticed that I was pretty close the stage and that actually, the theater wasn’t that big. After the orchestra finished playing the introduction piece, a tiny blond girl with a blue dress came out on stage, everyone cheered and applauded her. She began to sing “Pure Imagination”… wow! Her voice is really impressive, very sharp and she hits the notes so well! Then she sang a couple of songs more and a trumpeter (Jumaane Smith) came in performing a song with her and later, he played as an interlude while Jackie was off stage. After the break, she performed the famous Titanic song: “My Heart Will Go On”, simply amazing. Two more songs came after but I didn’t recognize them since I haven’t heard her albums in their entirety, but they’re were fine too, lol.

After the 20 minute intermission (during which, I bought the tour program of the show), I came back to my seat and suddenly a crazy lady that was sitting in the section behind me (my seat was in the last row of my section) approached to me and began to insult me demanding that I didn’t my camera during the show because it “bothered” her and she found it “disrespectful”… Bitch please, if you don’t like it, get yourself another seat then! I wasn’t using flash nor I had my camera on all the time; anyways, I was there to enjoy the show!

At the end of the show, she wanted to make us believe it was going to be her last song (before the encore) and she got mixed up and said it was the last song, but then it wasn’t, but then the orchestra director said it was “indeed” the last song… anyways, haha. She proceeded performing “Reflection” from the movie Mulan and then said goodbye to the audience. Few minutes later, she came back on stage and perform “The Music of the Night” from The Phantom of the Opera (Jackie’s most favorite song), it was brilliant!

Overall, I enjoyed the concert and Jackie is a very talented kid, hopefully she doesn’t get burned out too fast with her success. She talked to the audience between her songs, like how we were doing, what the next or previous song made her feel and the whole music experience she’s been having (she was pretty nervous though). One thing I missed was that her latest album, as I said before, had two songs that I really like, so I was hoping for her to perform “Come What May” and “What a Wonderful World” (The trumpeter played an instrumental part of it), but sadly she didn’t… Oh well.


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