Rihanna – Diamonds World Tour 2013

Rihanna_Diamonds_World_TourDate: 18-March-2013.

City: Toronto, Canada.

Venue: Air Canada Centre.

Set List:
01. Mother Mary
02. Phresh Out the Runway
03. Birthday Cake
04. Talk That Talk
05. Pour It Up
06. Cockiness (Love It)
07. Numb
08. You Da One
09. Man Down
10. No Love Allowed
11. Rude Boy
12. What’s My Name?
13. Jump
14. Umbrella
15. All of the Lights
16. Rockstar 101
17. What Now
18. Loveeeeeee Song
19. Love the Way You Lie (Part II) / Take a Bow / Cold Case Love
20. Hate That I Love You
21. We Found Love
22. S&M / Only Girl (In the World) / Don’t Stop the Music
23. Where Have You Been
24. Stay
25. Diamonds


RiRi, we meet again! Just this time I like you more than two years ago and now I’m quite a fan, how cannot be if the albums after Loud are so amazing? So as soon as I heard the Diamonds World Tour announcement, I knew she was going to perform in Toronto, and I would go, of course. But this time I wasn’t going to be front row close to the stage since those tickets cost 650$ (damn you Live Nation!).

Just a few hours before I hit the road to go downtown to the Air Canada Centre, a heavy snow storm began out of the blue and covered all the streets in white; but no one would stop me, haha. I arrived maybe at 8:30 pm to the Arena because I read that Rihanna would come out at 9 pm, well, that wasn’t the case. I think she has a MDNA complex and likes to keep people anxious, waiting two extra hours. I hoped she wouldn’t come out at 11 because I need to get back to my home somehow xD. Luckily, we waited only one more hour. After the suddenly improvised “Harlem Shake” dance in the whole Arena, the lights went off and everybody began to scream and flash their cameras. Two wide screens lift from the stage and Rihanna appeared quietly laying on the floor singing “Mother Mary”, a very cool slow intro that in the end mixed with “Phresh out in runway”, that’s where the party started!

Once the second song was over, my favorite two songs Were up next “Birthday Cake” and “Talk that talk”. The first one, it was the full version but sung in full by Rihanna; the album title’s song was somewhat a short version of it (I believe she cut a couple of verses) but I totally loved it. “Pour It Up” and “Cockiness” followed after, and “Numb” (no Eminem here) closed the first act of the show. I enjoyed the “nasty” attitude that Rihanna was bringing during this segment and she really enjoyed herself doing that!

I was surprised with the inclusion of “You da One” (but I was glad it was!) since it wasn’t part of the original set list; although it was performed last Sunday in Montreal. This section was more of a black and white themed and later mixed with criminal scenarios by performing “Man Down” (with “Rihanna in Jail” video backdrops), “Love Allowed” and “Rude Boy”. She took a brief pause and asked the audience to repeat out loud her name and “What’s My Name?” was next and it was the last song of the second act. When “Red Lipstick” began to play, I couldn’t believe she was going to perform it (one of my other favorite songs from that album), but it turned out to be just an interlude with purple spotlights flashing around, still it was great to hear it. The third section opened with “Jump”, while the beginning it was pretty normal, when the instrumental break hit after the chorus, HUGE FIRE SHOTS CAME OUT from the stage! That was a really big surprise and it was so freaking awesome! They kept repeating the fire blasts throughout the whole song and repeated it later in “Rockstar 101”. As the show was already going halfway, she couldn’t miss one of her biggest hits: “Umbrella”; during its performance, I saw a guy in the audience holding and waving a blue umbrella while singing it, hahaha; I wonder how did he manage to pass it through security, though. “Rockstar 101” was brilliant, the whole stage became an underground and urban place tinted with red and blue tones while Rihanna sang and banged her head with her guitarist, awesome! After the agitated number, she dived into the powerful ballad “What Now”, which surprisingly (not really) also had the fire blasts; but this time RiRi was standing just FEW METERS away from the ignition point! I was a little bit worried that she could lit her hair on fire but then I thought that whoever designed this and controls it, is a professional, so they(she) know(s) what they’re doing.

Time for ballads, but no one was seating on their seats. While she failed to included one of her biggest ballads “Unfaithful”, she came on stage performing “Loveeeeeee Song” (that’s too many ‘e’s haha) in a red dress and standing still in the center of the moving cylindrical platform; there, she also performed a medley of her version of Eminem’s “The Way You Lie” and “Take a Bow”, she approached to the audience during “Cold Case Love” and “Hate That I Love You” (I didn’t know about these two song, I’m not that super fan, (yet?)). It was a pretty cool act and it fit perfectly in the set-list, to chill out the fans from the past energetic performances and to get them ready for the next section, which was very intense! After the virtually non-existed interlude, the (by now) famous intro chords of “We Found Love” blasted through the speakers, and Rihanna emerged from under the stage wearing a shiny silver jacket; another unexpected thing happened: when she was about to finish the Calvin Harris produced song, she came DOWN from the stage and walked BETWEEN THE AUDIENCE, grabbing fans’ hands and she even hugged and kissed some! So lucky! Anyways, the party continued with a medley of “S&M”, “Only Girl” and “Don’t Stop the Music”, that made almost everyone in the Arena lose it XD, but the most highlighted energy-reaching point of this section was “Where Have You Been”, it began with Rihanna laying on the floor surrounded by green laser lights and when the beat kicked in, it burst into a flashy game of lights creating a crazy “rave” vibe. “Thank you, Toronto, good-bye!” were her words before she left the stage.

I don’t understand why some people don’t get the meaning of “encore”; many people began to stand up and leave the Arena, what the hell? The show is not over until the big Arena’s light aren’t turned on… Few minutes later, Rihanna came out with a gorgeous blue gown performing her latest single “Stay”, which also happened to be a fan favorite (not mine, though); she was standing there alone under the spotlight while everyone cheered, she sings so good! I don’t know why she insists in using background tracks in her songs… Now the next song was definitely the last one, Rihanna thanked us for attending her “Diamonds World Tour” and she said that is more than logical (or something like that) to sing the tour’s title song (and the lead single from her latest album). Flashy white dots appeared in the background screens while RiRi shone bright like a diamond, waving her half long hair; once she was done, she walked quietly through the stage and went backstage, ending the second Canadian stop of her recently started world tour.

More details coming in my next post, the second show of “Diamonds Tour” in Toronto!


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