Alicia Keys – Set the World On Fire Tour 2013

alicia-keys-set-the-world-on-fire-tourDate: 02-April-2013.

City: Toronto, Canada.

Venue: Air Canada Centre.

Set List:
01. Streets of NY/Empire (Intro)
02. Karma
03. You Don’t Know My Name
04. Tears Always Win
05. Listen To Your Heart
06. You’ll Never See Me Again
07. A Woman’s Worth
08. Diary/ Love You Down
09. Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)
10. Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart
11. 101
12. Fallin’
13. When It’s All Over
14. Limitedless/ Murder She Wrote
15. Fire We Make
16. Unbreakable
17. Not Even The King
18. If I Ain’t Got You
19. No One
20. New Day
21. Girl On Fire
22. Brand New Me
23. Illuminate Me
24. Empire State of Mind


I didn’t know what to expect from an Alicia Keys concert other than her sitting on the piano singing her soulful and powerful tunes. I must say that I’m not familiarized with all her songs or all her singles, but I surely know her most famous ones and her latest album “Girl on Fire” is very worth listening to. By the time I arrived to the Air Canada Centre, the opening act “Miguel” was already gone, and meanwhile I heard positive reviews of his performances, everybody were already getting impatient waiting for the main show.

The lights went off and an introductory video of streets of New York City began to project on the big background screen accompanied by an overture of Jay-Z’s single. Out of the shadows and lit only y a red spotlight, Mrs. Keys appeared on stage wearing a black blouse and pants, and a stylish hat ready to perform her smash hit “Karma”. Her voice is truly outstanding and she hits the notes with such an ease and power that captivates the audience. She then greeted us and spoke about how happy she was feeling to perform tonight, in fact, all her speeches showed how humble, joyful and human Alicia is, from what I could tell, she is very “yoga” – mystic “power of the universe” kind of person which is totally awesome because she’s always optimistic!

After several songs, she returned with a couple of other greatest hits: “Woman’s Worth” and her famous debut single “Fallin'” that had the entire arena singing and was one of the most special moments of the show. We all know that Alicia Keys made a deal with RIM to promote the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, so it was pretty funny to see Alicia promoting it on her show: at one point, she calls her “boyfriend” (who is a dancer on the show) and she talks to him for a while holding the Z10 in her hand (the big side screens allowed me to see the device and its logo)… she’s gotta make the deal work, right? A couple of songs later, she performed one of my favorite tracks from her latest album, “Limitedless” mixed with another song called “Murder She Wrote”; it had this reggae vibe beat that I enjoy and somewhat reminds me of Rihanna’s “Man Down” or “No Love Allowed”.

Of course she could not miss her intimate piano moments that characterize her and her entire career. Every time she sat to play the piano, she would made a short speech about empowering ourselves and talked about her experiences and funny moments that she had related to the song, not always though. As the ending of the show was approaching, I anxiously was waiting for “Girl on Fire” song, especially because I was so hooked with Nicki Minaj’s rap; so I had imagined that the beginning of the performance would be Nicki on the screen doing her thing and then Alicia would come all gracefully singing… Well, it wasn’t like that 😦 After performing the fun and energetic “New Day”, it smoothly blend into “Girl on Fire” by using drums as transition (she was playing them herself!), no introductory rap by Minaj, well… maybe the breakdown rap then? Nope. That was the only small downside of the show, because I was expecting it since the beginning and she ended up performing the solo version which I later found out that that was the original single release, the featuring was added later only to promote it on the radio.

The show ended with the performance of “Empire State of Mind” with images of the great New York City shown on the background giving full circle closure to the show. Alicia thanked us once more and said something like “we have to chase our lives and dreams and set the world on fire” (figuratively speaking of course); all her band, backup singers and dancers came up front as well to say goodbye while the LED panel showed “Good night, Toronto!”, I thought it was a pretty cool detail to customize the name of each city she performs in on the screen. Overall, even though I didn’t know many of the songs she performed, I enjoyed this show very much this show watching Alicia give a warm and firm on-stage presence!


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