Mika – Origin of Love Tour 2013

Mika-Tour-PosterDate: 05-April-2013.

City: Toronto, Canada.

Venue: The Opera House.

Set List:
01. Grace Kelly
02. Toy Boy
03. Lollipop
04. Blue Eyes
05. Billy Brown
06. Popular Song
07. Love You When I’m Drunk
08. Underwater
09. Only Lonely Man
10. Stuck in the Middle
11. Emily/Elle Me Dit
12. Hia Leah
13. Origin Of Love
14. Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)
15. Stardust
16. Lola
17. Century Man
18. Relax (Take It Easy)
19. Celebrate
20. Love Today
21. Over My Shoulder


Mika tours North America! That was some surprising news as he does gigs mainly in Europe where his popularity is quite big, therefore his shows there are almost at the same level as other big pop stars (big stage, video screens and all sorts of props, just watch his Parc Des Princes DVD). Sadly, his shows in North America were announced as an Intimate Evening, meaning small places and simple stage set-up but giving a more personal feeling to it, which had its charm as well.

His Toronto show was in a small theater-club consisting of a main floor closer to the stage and a section behind it where it was less crowded and people bought their drinks, that’s where I was and I had a great view given that the whole place was somewhat small. The stage was simple but well decorated: a piano, some drums and other instruments in the back and a web of yellow light bulbs all around, it gave an interesting nostalgic feel. Two guys played a dance playlist as openers for the show who turned out to be part of Mika’s band as well.

Mika joined the stage around 10 pm, he walked from the side of the stage wearing simple black pants, white shirt and a hat, and went straight to his piano, he’s really tall and skinny, haha. Everybody cheered when he began to sing his first single “Grace Kelly”, as I kinda expected, this song and the rest of the set list were whether acoustic or stripped down versions (no electronic, dance or pop pre-recorded beats, instruments or music there). Also, if it wasn’t because it was an intimate concert but a big one, I would swear that he was lip-synching because he hit the notes so sharp and perfect almost the same as his albums, very talented this guy indeed! He was very chatty with the audience and often he would joke, right before he performed “Love You When I’m Drunk”, he asked to see how many people were already drunk hahaha.

One of the highlights of the show was his performance of “Underwater”, all main lights were off except the yellow hanging lights and some blue background lights, plus an artificial fog. This stripped down version was sublime, he stood up and sang in the middle of the stage and the instruments sounded so clear and powerful, brilliant. The next set reminded me a lot of Madonna’s “Open Your Heart” performance in her MDNA Tour, yellow bright lights and the band with drums doing background vocals, during that set he sang Emily which the first verses was the English version but afterwards since there were a lot of people from Montreal in the audience, he ended up singing the original French version of it; prior to that song, Mika asked the audience where they were from, besides the Canadians, there were a lot people from Brazil and other countries from the Caribbean but all of the sudden, Mika said: “Oh! From Venezuela? Hola!”, there was a small but very loud (as we all) group of Venezuelans in the front row, but then I heard a guy near where I was saying “Ugh, those Venezuelans are EVERYWHERE!”, I turned to see who said it but didn’t see him but what the hell? You have any problem with it? Anyways, funny moment happened when one of the guys in the band had a pink feather boa and gave to Mika so that he would put it but he awkwardly refused to (would it be too gay? c’mon!), but in the end he did it for just a moment to please the fans who were cheering for him to put it on xD

Near the end, after performing a quiet version of “Stardust” (which was a little bit of down for me because the dance album version is amazing!), he sang a couple of unreleased songs and he asked us not to post it on YouTube or somewhere else on the internet because it was some kind of a gift for us only… Okay then, we won’t…. those songs weren’t that great anyways, IMO. The show ended with an upbeat version of “Love Today” making everybody in the theater dance and jump, it was very fun! Minutes later he returned with an encore of the almost acapella ballad “Over My Shoulder”, once again, his sharp high notes gave me chills and it was just him and the piano, great ending. Overall the show was simple but it was very great and very entertaining and Mika himself was a strong stage presence and besides having a great talent for his voice and the piano, he successfully connected with the audience with his jokes and charisma. Kudos to him!


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