Ke$ha / Pitbull North American Tour 2013

Date: 05-June-2013.
City: Toronto, Canada.
Venue: Molson Canadian Amphitheatre.

Set List:

01. Warrior
02. Crazy Kids
03. We R Who We R
04. Blow
05. Gold Trans Am
06. Dirty Love
07. Take It Off
08. Tik Tok
09. Supernatural
10. Last Goodbye
11. Machine Gun Love
12. Blah Blah Blah
13. C’Mon
14. Your Love Is My Drug

01. Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor)
02. I Like How It Feels / I’m in Miami Bitch
03. Dance Again
04. International Love
05. Shut It Down
06. I Love It / Live It Up
07. Get It Started
08. Sweet Child o’ Mine
09. Rain Over Me
10. Back in Time
11. Don’t Stop the Party
12. Culo
13. Echa Pa’lla (Manos Pa’rriba) / Shake Señora / Bon, Bon
14. I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)
15. On the Floor / I Like It / DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love
16. Hotel Room Service
17. Feel This Moment
18. Give Me Everything


It’s been almost a year and a half since I attended this concert, and I still remember how fun it was. It was my first concert in the “Molson Canadian Amphitheatre” and according to Google it was very far away. It was indeed. However, it just took me an extra twenty minutes on the streetcar to get to the “Canadian National Exhibition” place and from there, walk about ten more minutes. The venue is literally beside the Toronto’s “beach”, and surprisingly, it was a very nice place: seagulls flying all around, everything was open-air with plenty of space to walk, eat, and sit; and a chilly summer breeze everywhere.

The venue set-up is  a semi-circular form where the front of the stage space is general admission (standing) followed by two seated sections and lawn GA area in the very back. Luckily, I had center first row ticket of the first section right behind all the standing people, so I was able to watch everything perfect with no one bothering in front of me. While we were waiting for the Kesha show to begin (she was the first headliner), I went to check out the official merchandise tent and while everybody was buying beer and hot dogs, I bought Kesha’s tour book and few keychains, haha.

It was around 7:30 pm and Kesha’s show began when still there was day-light so the lighting effects went kind of unnoticed. She opened with “Warrior” with a space-meets Xena the Warrior Princess themed set. She actually does sound great live and she sings for real with not that much auto-tune as her albums 🙂 After few songs, she changed her wardrobe and came in a metallic grid with her dancers dressed up in drag singing “Gold Trans Am” which was pretty funny and in the end she unchained herself with a sparking chainsaw; everything with a sexual innuendo which made some people of the audience awkward, but me, I was laughing all the time with/at her.

Her speeches were funny as well, she said things like “once I went to a bar and met this guy who was flirting with me and he was very charming and respectful, but who wants that? I told him to cut the bullshit and take off my panties!”. She doesn’t come with stories, take it off! During another speech, she rolled on the floor talking about how once she got wasted and woke up in a bathtub filled with glitter, according to her, it’s the real story about how “Tik Tok” became a song; if she says so…

Despite the fact that she show was very cool and I was enjoying it, she was a little bit angry because almost everybody were sitting on their seats and only few were standing dancing and singing, only during “Tik Tok” she yelled at the people to “stand the fuck up and dance!” and so they did after she repeated it like three times. As I could notice, pretty much everyone came to see her co-headliner, Pitbull who tore the roof down when he performed.

After Kesha’s show, there was a half hour interlude and everybody went buying more booze (those Canadians drink a lot at the concerts!). I was hungry so I got myself a pizza. When I came back to my seat, there were two girls dancing in front having a good time until I realized they were trying to occupy those empty seats, but I’m not easily fooled. Few minutes later, the lady that was sitting besides me came and kicked them out of her seat, haha.

It was already dark and Pitbull’s show began. The lighting set was incredible and in combination with the backdrop screens really made the show very upbeat and fun. Mr. 305 came on stage and everybody were screaming like crazy. Yeah, everybody came to see him, especially middle-aged ladies were drunk dancing like crazy. The lady besides me had three cans of beer and at one point of the concert, she kneeled and began to “pole-dance” with the fence in front of us! hahaha.

What was fun about Pitbull’s show is that he mainly sang his “featuring” while the rest of the song was played in the background along with the music video on the screens. Some of them were mixed into a medley because I assume how long does Pitbull’s featuring rap lasts in one song?

Of course I got extremely excited when he performed his songs with Jennifer Lopez “Dance Again”, “Live It Up”, and “On the Floor”, now I can say I have seen both sides of those songs (J.Lo in Venezuela 2012). Same happened when he performed his raps with Marc Anthony, Shakira, and Christina Aguilera, the entire audiovisual setup was made for anything but jump and dance.

He sang some of his solo songs, which I have to say I never heard of except “Culo” which was a heavy throwback to my high-school years xD and he also did a couple of covers which were performed in a more loose set (one of them “Shake Señora” from Beetlejuice, lol!). Since he’s from Cuba, he spoke half Spanish during his speeches to what some of the ladies around me screamed: “What are you saying? I don’t speak Spanish!!!”, I’m sorry for you girl.

As you can see, he played the J.Lo, Enrique Iglesias & Usher medley followed by his last song “Hotel Room Service” during which a lot of confetti were fired up ending the show with a bang! Overall, I had a very great time feeling like I was just in a big trendy discotheque party. Hope Ke$ha gets her own headline show, but somehow I doubt it will happen :/.

Time to get back home, got lost walking like fifteen minutes in the middle of an empty parking lot until I finally found a streetcar / bus station hidden behind an old abandoned building, lol.


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